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ICT by Mind Map: ICT

1. Information Acess

1.1. Searching information and factual events through the help of ICT is a big help especially to us students.

1.2. In getting information from Internet, We should cite our sources to avoid plagiarism.

2. Enhances Skill

2.1. Organize christmas office party

2.2. Through the help of ITC you will know how to apply properly your skills and learning in using computers.

2.3. With the help also of our instructors who are always at our side to guide us.

3. Communication tool

3.1. It is the one of the cheapest and fastest way, to directly send your important messages.

3.2. Now a days, we can't deny the fact that most of us is commonly using social media to communicate with others.

4. World Wide Acess

4.1. Order picture frames

4.2. We can now easily access everything through the help of Internet.

4.3. Search people, place, things and current events in just one click.