Information Communications Technology (ICT)

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Information Communications Technology (ICT) by Mind Map: Information Communications Technology (ICT)

1. ICT has a great impact in our daily lives. For example, we can read our local newspaper using the online newspaper.

1.1. Problem 1

1.2. Problem 2

1.3. Problem 3

2. The use of ICT in education add value in teaching and learning, by enhancing the effectiveness of learning, or by adding a dimension to learning that was not previously available

2.1. Idea 1

2.2. Idea 2

2.3. Idea 3

3. ICT is one of the economic development pillars to gain national competitive advantage.

3.1. Point 1

3.2. Point 2

3.3. Point 3

4. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is basically our society’s efforts to teach its current and emerging citizens valuable knowledge and skills around computing and communications device

4.1. Goal 1

4.2. Goal 2

4.3. Goal 3