BTTF: Native America

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BTTF: Native America by Mind Map: BTTF: Native America

1. Cowboys

1.1. All cowboys ride horses.

1.2. they all wear a big hat

1.3. All cowboys are good

1.4. They do all their showdowns in the middle of a busy street with guns. They fight to the death

1.5. Most of them hate indians

2. All Native Americans are alcoholics.

3. All americans are fat

3.1. the small size of food in the USA is equal to the supersize in the Netherlands.

4. Indians

4.1. All Indians live in tipis

4.2. All Indians are bad

4.3. All Indians wear make-up.

4.4. All indians hunt bisons for food

4.5. When they want to end a war they bury their "waraxe"

5. Indians and cowboys have had wars a lot of times.