driver: least reliable part of the car

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driver: least reliable part of the car by Mind Map: driver: least reliable part of the car

1. 1885: invention of automobile

2. problems of driving

2.1. traffic accidents

2.1.1. insufficiant of roads traffic became worse and especially of disable persons

3. need to find solutions

3.1. test of self-driving cars in 2013

3.1.1. collision mitigation,braking for driver assistance system into cars can reduce accidents on roads by factor of 2.

3.1.2. self-driving cars need more sensors

3.1.3. a self-driving system can reduce accidents due to human mistakes ten times. a self-driving system can handle better uncertainty than driver assistance system

4. the car is steered by the help of sensors data and a map

4.1. it needs to know its own position and the position of others understand geometrically the world.

4.1.1. the car has to deal smartly with all which is on its path: pedestrians, constructions, police... the vehicle must be able to understand expectations like a sign of a pedestrian for crossing or a police stood in the road.

4.1.2. to reach these goals, data must be shared betwen cars in order to prevent difficulties.