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ICT by Mind Map: ICT

1. Modernize Technology

1.1. New invented technologies that aims to help people make things more easier.

1.2. And We 21th century learners, we are more engage in this invention.

2. Internet Acess

2.1. We can have access to different kind of media.

2.2. It is more easier for as to search for an information whenever or wherever we are.

3. Communication Acess

3.1. People now a days use it as a tool to communicate with their love ones.

3.2. Example of sites that people use to communicate are facebook, skype, twitter, Instagram and etc.

4. Source of Knowlege

4.1. We can easily look for answers if ever we have querys.

4.2. It is more updated  to current events and information compared to the old version we are using the books.