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oil spill by Mind Map: oil spill

1. causes

1.1. natural

1.1.1. natural prosses eroding of sedimentary rocks

1.1.2. natural disasters earthquakes

1.2. anthrogenic

1.2.1. careless in oil idustry storage petroleum refining transportations

1.2.2. pollute while doing hobbies water sports fishing

2. effects

2.1. enviromental

2.1.1. marine life poisoning and killing algae, mangaroves, fish, seabirds, coral reefs and sea turtles animals become blind due to exposure to the oil

2.1.2. health of coastal  community inhale vapours from oil slicks touch and contact with lingering oil on beaches eating contaminated sea food

2.1.3. climate ( fires and explosions ) global greenhouse gas emissions increasing in carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere consequent changes to the climate

2.2. economic

2.2.1. industry stop industries which depending on clear water

2.2.2. tourism close leisure activities (swamp tours, boating and hiking) negative impact on people's intentions to visit affected places

2.2.3. clearing/restoring countries spend a lot of money to clean and restore affected places

3. solutions

3.1. protective

3.1.1. transportation ships cutting-edge tanker ships captain training redundant Systems double Hulls Pipelines maintaining the equipment carefully selecting routes

3.1.2. storage Storage Terminals Overfill sensors wells well Planning, design, and construction blowout prevention systems

3.2. therapeic

3.2.1. Chemical dispersants:

3.2.2. Controlled burns:

3.2.3. Water-oil separation:

4. roles

4.1. government

4.1.1. use of high-quality tools during transport of oil

4.1.2. issuing strict laws for who contribute to this problem deliberately

4.2. sitizen

4.2.1. raise awareness among member of the community

4.2.2. devise new ideas to help transport of oil