service types

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service types by Mind Map: service types


1.1. consumer don't manage infrastructure

1.2. just upload code to cloud provider's infrastructure

1.3. example: AWS elastic beanstalk

1.4. users pay for network traffic and provisioned infrastructure

1.5. used by programmers who don't want to do system administration

1.6. cloud provider manages infrastructure provisioning, user manages application operation and middleware


2.1. Have access to virtual computers, network-accessible storage, network infrastructure components, and other fundamental computing resources

2.2. Consumer can be system developers, system administrators and IT managers

2.2.1. Consumer can create, install, manage and monitor services for IT infrastructure operations.

2.3. billed according to the amount or duration of the resources consumed,

2.3.1. Such as CPU hours used by virtual computers, volume and duration of data stored, network bandwidth consumed, number of IP addresses used for certain intervals..

2.4. example: AWS EC2


3.1. accessible from various client devices through, web browser (e.g., web-based email) or a program interface

3.2. consumer does not manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure including network, servers, operating systems, storage, or the underlying code

3.3. consumers access and use applications on demand

3.4. can be billed on the number of users, number of transactions

3.5. or can be billed the amount of consumed services. It can be measured in terms of the time in use, the network bandwidth consumed, or the amount/duration of data stored

3.6. example: salesforce

3.7. business process operations.

4. recommendation

4.1. PAAS: 1. comapny has 0 IT staff - so they cannot use IAAS 2. they want "devTools enable developers to rapidly develop and test their applications." - so they cannot use SAAS