Control & Resistance

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Control & Resistance by Mind Map: Control & Resistance

1. Who Gave Me it

1.1. GF SMITH Representative

1.1.1. Why? To inform me of there products To Build A Relationship Early on in my Career To instill dependence

1.1.2. In Partnership with Uni Most likely a deal to supply paper at a cheaper cost for free advertising and dependence on their product No other alternative to use bursary on CONTROL

2. Resistance

2.1. The use of the catalogue allows me to :

2.2. Order specific options from outside of the universitys stock range

2.3. Resisting the standard paper in the printers in order to elevate my designs

2.3.1. Allows my work to stand out amongst the rest

2.4. Resisting printing the colours digitally by using coloured stock

2.4.1. Choose to do because it results in a nicer physical object Links back to Material Matters Textures Density Scale Stuff matters reference Glossy paper quality 'Aesthetic Considerations'

2.4.2. My personal preference for Analogue over Digital techniques Again trying to bring unique elements to my practice A level of appreciation on physical methods Appreciated by other designers who observe my work

3. Advertising

3.1. Representatives

3.2. Local Paper company

3.3. ManMet Supplier

3.4. Attending Events (e.g Design Manchester)

3.5. Free Handouts

3.5.1. Catalogue

3.5.2. Paper Dispenser in Benzie

3.5.3. Other Publications

3.6. Social Media

3.6.1. Primarily Instagram

4. Alternative Options

4.1. Cyclo

4.2. GMUND

4.3. Not Aware of Many Other options despite their availability

4.3.1. Is this controlling my practice?

4.3.2. Am I limited by this? I have in the past been limited by the paper selection offered by GF Smith

4.3.3. Am I a Savy Consumer? Is the quality of the paper sufficient that I don't need any other options.

4.3.4. Am I a Sucker? Am I settling? In the past I have settled on colours which were not my original intention This is mainly due to Availability & Time Constraints from deadlines CONTROL

4.3.5. Is this Due to advertising Definitely a factor in my knowledge of other products

5. Influenced by Consumerism

6. Designers control over paper

6.1. Able to manipulate aesthetic considerations to change the value of a product

6.1.1. Advertising Value range vs Finest range food packaging example of this technique Able to resist sucker cosumer tactics

6.1.2. Packaging

6.1.3. Use of advertising psychology on consumers

6.2. Knowledge of the medium makes us more informed buyers

6.2.1. Michel De Certeau (2010)

6.2.2. We are above the consumers observing the advertising psychology working.

7. How does paper control in our lives?

7.1. Omnipotent in all walks of life

7.1.1. Reference the list created in the observing everyday mind map

7.2. At one time the only evidence for various records

7.2.1. Contracts

7.2.2. Photo ID

7.2.3. Wills