Suntainable  Energy

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Suntainable  Energy by Mind Map: Suntainable  Energy

1. Renewable Energy? Today we primarily use fossil fuels to heat and power our homes and fuel our cars. It’s convenient to use coal, oil, and natural gas for meeting our energy needs, but we have a limited supply of these fuels on the Earth.

2. Hydropower Hydropower is our most mature and largest source of renewable power, producing about 10 percent of the nation’s electricity.

3. Biopower After hydropower, biomass is this country’s second-leading resource of renewable energy, accounting for more than 7,000 MW of installed capacity.

4. Solar Energy Solar technologies tap directly into the infinite power of the sun and use that energy to produce heat, light, and power.

5. Ocean Energy The ocean can produce two types of energy: thermal energy from the sun’s heat, and mechanical energy from the tides and waves.

6. Hydrogen Hydrogen is high in energy, yet its use as a fuel produces water as the only emission. Hydrogen is the universe’s most abundant element and also its simplest. A hydrogen atom consists of only one proton and one electron

7. Solar Thermal Electricity Unlike solar-electric systems that convert sunlight into electricity, solar thermal electric systems convert the sun’s heat into electricity.