Topics for Rahul

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Topics for Rahul by Mind Map: Topics for Rahul

1. MCD roles and responsibilities

1.1. Did you discuss with Newton about roles and responsibilities

1.1.1. What is your understanding of my roles in relation to projects that Newton is managing? escalation point Involve me on the teleconference with the market

1.1.2. In relation to the Deployment Hub who is responsible for managing this ? Have the resources have been advised of the structure? Sean's feedback for the ongoing Hub training is that Akanksha needed presentation training and we needed Liam support because we cant dont in dept knowledge on the practical side (e.g. staging, RCT...etc) as they have gotlimited knowledge of staging, RCT.etc

1.1.3. CG resources Had a chat with Sean in relation to their expectation for CG resources The challenge for us is to have the right type of resources Have got Shikha & Chinmay's to do a self assessment. It would be good if we can have Venkatesh and Tanvi to do the same NP6 Lead onsite resources Feedback from Sean in relation to the interview we had with Liam is that he felt Chinmay had limited experience (not a level 3 support) Sean's expectation is that our technical resources should be able to triage issues, identify root causes and resolves configuration issues. Only Bugs should be passed on to COE (core RDI) team Sean does not know if yet if we will get the support form Liam going forward as there are going through org structure themselves Sean's view is that at the moment we don't have the right resources able to support the ramp up. He sees the need of someone like Liam working along side with our team going forward. that our resources are embellishing the CVs but the knowledge is less If Liam becomes unavailable then we may be able to fill this with our guys he suggested that we may speak to valentine or

1.1.4. Venkatesh and Tanvi when are they coming onsite? can we get them earlier.

2. Plan for next year

2.1. Lorraine

2.1.1. Hub Lead Who is responsible for RFM process for other course

2.1.2. Roadmap Any news? Market deployment Initiation

2.2. Process

2.2.1. Capacity Planning

2.2.2. Market PM Technical Lead Offshore support

2.2.3. Capacity Planning Roles & Responsibilities Venkatesh Akanksha Shikha & Chinmay Weekly review of resource capacity by weekly team huddle

2.3. Rahul

2.3.1. Team structure Venkatesh Tanvi Akanksha

2.4. Hub

2.4.1. Maintenance

2.4.2. RFM Process

2.4.3. ITDH tool follow up ith Valentin

3. holidays