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POWER by Mind Map: POWER

1. Parody of Amish way of life

1.1. Singer gives his point of view

1.2. he exaggerated

1.3. Uses humour to influence

2. Places and forms

2.1. Several forms of power

2.2. places can also help to exercise a power

3. a way to exert an autorithy on somebody and to influence it

4. Witness by Peter Weir: Discover the Amish's way of life

4.1. Live like in the past

4.2. Deeply religious, life is base on farming

4.3. Reject the mainstream society and technologies

4.4. Same clothes: black clothes

4.5. Do they follow the rules blindly? O do they think by themselves?

4.6. place where live Amishs is also a way to exert a power

5. Amish Paradise:

6. One hundred tweets of solitudes

6.1. We forget relationships

6.2. we areconnected all the time

6.3. The feelings of others are not important anymore

6.4. less empathetic

7. Power of technologies

8. The social media power

9. has known an evolution

9.1. now, places don't play a big role ine the exercise of power

9.2. broadcast foms of power