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Hamlet Discussion Themes by Mind Map: Hamlet Discussion Themes
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Hamlet Discussion Themes

Many other themes are up for discussion, but I pointed out some of the main themes, and their arguments / main points.

Laertes vs. Hamlet

Why is Laertes allowed to do everything that Hamlet wanted to do in the beginning of the play

Hamlet's murder of Polonius and the death of Ophelia causes a lot of tension between the two

The final realization of Laertes and his forgiveness of Hamlet shows the reader just how similar the two characters are

Ladies of the Play

Is Shakespeare using the women of the play as a tool to show the true depravity and flaws of man

Are Ophelia and Gertrude degrading female characters

Is Gertrude supposed to be a very stupid character, or is she an evil manipulative genius

Reality vs. Non Reality

Is Hamlet's father's ghost real, or is it a figment of Hamlet's and Horatio's imaginations

Is Horatio even real

Does the fact that the ghost doesn't appear at the end of the play prove that it wasnt real to begin with

Claudius = Villian

Is Claudius really guilty of these crimes, or is it all a lie brought on by Hamlet's "ghost"

Why does Claudius not admit fault for his actions at the end of the play

Does Cladius actually better Denmark as king, or does he damages Hamlet's fathers work

Insanity Vs. Sanity

Is Hamelet acting or no

Does the ghost stem from Hamlet's Insanity

Is Ophelia really crazy or is she copying Hamlets act

Hamlet = Tragic Hero

What is Hamlet's tragic flaw, is it his indecisiveness

To be or not to be speech

Does the graveyard scene in Act 5 show that Hamlet's indecisiveness is resolved