Absolute Monarchs

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Absolute Monarchs by Mind Map: Absolute Monarchs

1. (French) Louis XIII/Richelieu

1.1. King (1610-1643)

1.2. 1624-made Cardinal Richelieu his cheif minister

1.3. supported Richelieu against all enemies

1.4. Richelieu was a catholic churchman

1.5. Richelieu's guiding principle was raison d'etat, "The good of the state."

2. Russia

2.1. until 1905 the tsars of Russia governed as absolute monarchs.

2.2. Peter I established a bureaucracy and a police state.

2.3. absolutism (Tsarist autocracy) was expanded by Catherine II the Great

2.4. Russia didnt have a constitution or representative assembly until 1905.

2.5. Russia was the last European country to abolish absolutism.

3. Sweden

3.1. absolute monarchy was established by King Charles XI and passed to Charles XII

3.2. 1789-1809 referred to period of absolute monarchy

4. (French)1589-1715

4.1. France was ruled by the first three kings of the Bourbon dynasty.

4.2. The Bourbons took over so much, making France the dominant country in Europe.

4.3. Louis XIV came to embody the doctrine of absolutism.

5. (French)The First Bourbons

5.1. 1589-Henry of Navarre became King Henry of France.

5.2. Religious wars divided. Protestants from Catholics and Politiques from conservative Catholics.

5.3. King's power greatly declined.

5.4. Henry IV set out to rebuild the power of the monarchy.

5.5. With King Francis I in power, french national literature flourished.

5.6. 1589-French were ready to support a leader who could restore peace and order.

6. (French)Henry IV

6.1. King (1589-1610)

6.2. Put the country above personal/ religious matters.

6.3. surrendered his Huguenot faith for support from Catholic frenchmen.

6.4. his foreign policy was to avoid taking sides