Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)

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Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) by Mind Map: Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)

1. Administration

1.1. accesses

1.1.1. Teacher profiles

1.1.2. Gradebook

1.1.3. Attendance

1.1.4. Class census

2. Learning Goals

2.1. To help teachers and other support staff feel comfortable with Canvas

2.1.1. By Customizing a classroom homepage Creating open communication with parents through the use of Differentiating instruction for all users through the use of Utilizing different tools to enhance collaboration among staff members and students through the use of

3. Learning Activities

3.1. to support

3.1.1. Teachers Create Pages Modules Assignments Quizzes Announcements Collaborations Discussion Board

4. Roles

4.1. Facilitator

4.1.1. will Guide Create Plan Present Evaluate Observe

4.2. Trainee

4.2.1. will Provide Feedback Participate Grow Collaborate Evaluate Canvas LMS

5. Learning Assessment

5.1. through

5.1.1. Educator observation

5.1.2. Educator Collaboration utilizing Discussion Board Assignments Quizzes