The Future of Cultural Intelligence

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The Future of Cultural Intelligence by Mind Map: The Future of Cultural Intelligence

1. Reframing

1.1. The Idea and the practice of shifting perspective.

1.1.1. Inclusion rather than representation.

2. Adaptive Work

2.1. Change in values, beliefs, or behavior.

2.1.1. Constantly review, revise, and reflect upon your personal value systems.

3. Consciousness

3.1. The opportunity to let go of our limiting thoughts and behavior

3.1.1. The picture of leadership forces to recognize the opposite not as negative but rather a learning procedure.

4. Interdependence

4.1. Understanding and exploring your motivations, your passion, and your personal journey must serve as a foundation for reaching the desire vision to create understanding and awareness.

4.1.1. "if we do not do this work, what would be lost"