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Pinterest by Mind Map: Pinterest

1. Learning Activites

1.1. Design Your Own Book Cover

1.2. Create Food Chains

1.3. Group Work Can Now Be Visual

1.4. Online Photo Journals

1.5. Design a Characters Facebook Profile

1.6. Travel Agent

2. Learning Assessment

2.1. Students

2.1.1. Pinterest can all students to find different assessments that they can share with the class.

2.1.2. This will allow the students to be able to explore the different types of assessments and share them with their teachers! This would be beneficial for the teacher because then they know which assessments the students react and enjoy the most.

2.2. Teacher

2.2.1. Pinterest opens a world full of new teaching assessments that have been proven that students enjoy.

2.2.2. The teacher would be able to access so many more options for worksheets. What would be the most beneficial aspect is that the internet is always changing and improving so it will allow teachers to be able to change up their assessments as technology increases.

2.2.3. Teachers could also make their assessment pages public allowing the students to pin and explore the options that their teacher enjoyed

3. Learning Goals

3.1. Learning new things

3.1.1. While searching things on Pinterest, it can help children discover new topics and ideas.

3.2. Being more creative

3.2.1. Pinterest can facilitate creativity among students.

3.2.2. Students will explore the concept of categorization and separation.

3.2.3. Students can look on classmates' boards to get inspiration.

3.3. Help students think of goals

3.3.1. Students can use Pinterest as a tool to search for new goals to strive towards.

3.3.2. Students can find ways to self-monitor their own goals on Pinterest.

3.3.3. Students can find ideas on Pinterest regarding what to do when they get stuck.

3.4. Set goals more effectively

3.4.1. Pinterest can help students understand how to set effective and useful goals. When I searched goal setting on Pinterest it came up with this, and I feel it could be very effective for students. SMART Goals

3.5. Collaboration

3.5.1. Students can create shared boards where they can collaborate with classmates

4. Teacher Roles

4.1. Facilitator

4.1.1. Teacher must be there to assist students when they create their own board and pins.

4.1.2. When students have issues with the site, teacher will facilitate in helping the student debug

4.2. Instructor

4.2.1. Teacher must show students how to use Pinterest

4.2.2. Teacher must show students the academic purpose of using Pinterest

4.2.3. Teacher must teach students the basic knowledge needed using Pinterest

4.3. Monitor

4.3.1. Teachers must monitor appropriate usage of Pinterest

4.3.2. Teacher must teach students the skills needed to monitor their own usage of Pinterest.

4.3.3. Teachers must monitor the accuracy of students clumping certain categories together

4.4. Assessor

4.4.1. Teachers must decide what will be assessed

4.5. Planner

4.5.1. Teachers must have a goal in mind

4.5.2. Teachers must allot certain amounts of time for students using Pinterest in their classroom

4.5.3. Teacher must reflect and revise accordingly

4.6. Conversation Starter

4.6.1. Pinterest is a social media platform, teachers can use this as an opportunity to talk about social media with students.