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Atmospheric Loading Screens Future Development by Mind Map: Atmospheric Loading Screens Future Development
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Atmospheric Loading Screens Future Development

Ideas for future development of Atmospheric Loading Screens.


Ideas focused mainly on improving compatibility with other mods.

Mod Compatibility Patches

Rarely, mods may alter the original Bethesda loading screen text to reflect changes they make. The Wrye Bash tags on the ESPs (specifically, the Original Text ESP) do not offer a full solution to this issue as, for example, the Original Text ESP actually contains 3 or 4 additional copies of each of the original loading screens, while the tags will only result in the text on the original loading screens being made consistent. Eventually, I hope to release some compatibility patches to address the issue more completely.

Mod Replacers

Some mods (usually quest mods) include their own loading screens. These usually tend to be originally made in vanilla style, and only converted to Dark UI as an afterthought, if at all.   Most of these mods also tend to have unique and interesting environments that I would love to have screenshots of for my own loading screens. As I amass a good sized amount of screenshots from each mod, I hope to be able to create specialized, optional replacers (with permission, of course) to replace the vanilla or "basic" Dark UI-conversion screens of those mods. The new screens would be designed for Dark UI, similar in style to the rest of the ALS screens, etc.

Alternate UI Retextures

Several new UI retextures have been released, providing more options than simply Dark UI or the vanilla UI. The ALS screens may eventually be converted for use with these alternate UIs.


Ideas focused mainly on adding additional content to ALS.

Theme Packs

A series of theme packs that replace the background texture and frame of appropriate loading screens with a new background/frame made using similar thematic elements.

Additional ESPs

Additional ESPs with altered text and/or loading locations may be created eventually.

Additional Loading Screens

Additional loading screens should be added to the mod with each new major release.

Increased Loading Screen Variety

Screenshots that are similar to existing loading screens should be used less frequently. Unique screenshots should be sought and used more frequently. The ALS readme and site should have periodically updated lists of currently underepresented screenshot themes (locations, mods, etc.).


Ideas focused mainly on making future development of ALS easier, more efficient, etc.

Loading Screen Keywords

It may be useful at some point to tag each loading screen with keywords relating to their subject matter, mods used, etc. This would be a very time-consuming project, so it would likely have to be a collaborative effort. The tagging would likely be done using some sort of online image album like Photobucket or Picasa Web Albums.

Packaging, Installation, and Presentation

Ideas focused mainly on improving the packaging and ease of installation of ALS.

Complete OMOD Package

A complete package in OMOD-ready format, containing all necessary ALS files, as well as the files for all 3 theme packs and the vertical loading bar. All choices (ESP, theme packs, vertical bar, anything else in the future) will be presented as scripted choices with screenshots.

Trollf-style Separation

Separate the mod (and ESPs) into three versions. The full version would still be maintained and available. This would allow users without Shivering Isles to use a larger portion of the screens, and would eliminate the need to keep 0.95 around.

New Logos

Icon Key

Descriptions of the icons that may be used multiple times.


A checkmark represents an idea, project, decision or anything else that can be thought of as "completed." This does not mean that the idea will not receive more updates in the future, simply that the currently released incarnation of that idea is "finished."

Thumbs Up

A Thumbs Up is placed next to any overall idea that has been "approved" and upon which work is currently being done.


A checkmark is placed next to the "Completed" branch for any idea which has nothing completed and released so far.

Question Mark

Items which require additional investigation.

Green Flag

Denotes an idea that is currently being worked on but is not yet completed.


Ideas focused mainly on improving the ALS website.


Screenshot Contribution Guide

Theme Pack Pages

Image Hosting

Ideas focused mainly on improving the hosting of all images related to ALS.

Investigate Options

Investigate alternatives to Photobucket for use afte Photobucket's 1 GB account limit is reached.