Reason for Tensions in the gulf

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Reason for Tensions in the gulf by Mind Map: Reason for Tensions in the gulf

1. Oil

1.1. How much oil?

1.1.1. Map of oil reserves OPEC OPEC Countries

1.2. Where does it go?

1.2.1. Straits of Hormuz

2. Individuals

2.1. Who were the dynamic leaders of the region?

2.1.1. Saddam Hussein in a non - unified Iraq - Kurds, Shiia, Sunni, and Christians - Video link Rose to power through unifying power through force and putting down any dissent. Leader of the Baath party. Hashemite government King Faisal II

2.1.2. Mossadeq - leader of Iran, elected by Iranians, overthrown by the CIA. Overthrown by the CIA

2.1.3. Shah of Iran Supported by the US Had a harsh secret police Allowed oil exports from Iran for a small fee

2.1.4. Khomeini Shiia Religious scholar Critic of the shah Lived in exile most of his life Returned to Iran as an old man

2.2. What actions did particular leaders do that brought about change?

3. Israel

3.1. Map of Israel

3.2. US Supported

3.2.1. As a percentage, how much of the United States population is Jewish? Map of Jewish communities

3.3. Opposed by all Arab states and Israel, continues to be a contentious relationship between the US, Arab World, and Others

4. Religion

4.1. In Iran

4.1.1. What religious sect Shiia Language

4.2. What religious sect?

4.2.1. In Iraq Sunni Language

5. National Identity

5.1. Arabs

5.1.1. Pan-Arab movement, baath party

5.2. Iranians

5.2.1. Iranian Revolution Islamic in nature