Static Electricity

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Static Electricity by Mind Map: Static Electricity

1. Electric Field

1.1. Electric Dipole

1.1.1. Positive Has electric field lines going outwards from the charge

1.1.2. Negative Has electric field lines coming inward to the charge

1.2. Drawings

1.2.1. The lines must begin from positive charges and end on negative charges

1.2.2. The number of lines drawn leaving a positive charge or ending on a negative charge is proportional to the magnitude of the charge

1.2.3. No two field lines can cross each other

2. Charge

2.1. Unit

2.1.1. Coulomb (C)

2.2. Types

2.2.1. Positive (+)

2.2.2. Negative (-)

2.3. Laws

2.3.1. Like charges repel

2.3.2. Unlike charges attract

3. Charging

3.1. Charging by rubbing

3.1.1. Charge transfer from object to object

3.2. Charing by induction

3.2.1. Earthing process Electrons are repelled to the earth from the conductor Electrons taken from the Earth and flows to the conductor

3.2.2. Can be repeated many times without loss of charge

4. Used in

4.1. Printing processes

4.2. Laser printers

4.3. Spray painting

4.4. Photocopiers

5. Beware of

5.1. Potential hazards

5.2. Sparks and fires

6. Van de Graaff generator