Racism and prejudice Wordlist

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Racism and prejudice Wordlist by Mind Map: Racism and prejudice  Wordlist

1. Presidents

1.1. Dwight D. Eisenhower

1.2. J. F. Kennedy

1.2.1. He fought for the black people

1.3. Lyndon B. Johnson

1.4. Nixon

1.5. Gerald Ford

1.6. Jimmi Carter

1.7. Ronald Reagan

1.8. Barack Obarma

1.8.1. The first black president in USA

2. Differences between white and black

2.1. The black people had nearest no right, compared to the white people

2.2. The black people were not allowed to the white's schools, hospitals, toilets and in the buses they might not sit together whit the white people and on restaurant there was zones where only white people couldt sit and zones where only black might sit.

2.3. The black people were not allowed to vote.

3. Racism in generally

3.1. Stereotypes - People who generalize other people

3.2. Individual character

3.3. Everyone is different - And that is what makes life interesting

3.4. Rumours, rygte

3.5. Deny, nægte

3.6. Acknowledge, erkende/indrømme

3.7. Snap judgments

3.8. Prejudice, fordom

3.9. Bigoted

3.10. Sort, type/art

3.11. Discriminate, skelne

3.12. Hassle, bøvl/besvær

4. Ku Klux Klan

4.1. 1865, no more black slaves in America. But they still hadn’t the same rights as the white people. A group of soldiers started a secret organization called the Ku Klux Klan (in 1876). They are NOT for black people. They killed black people, if they could, and they could

5. Fighters against racism

5.1. Martin Luther King Jr.

5.1.1. Non-violence

5.1.2. "I have a dream" - His dream was that men and women, black and white, shout be equal and have the same rights.

5.1.3. A black man

5.1.4. From Alabama

5.1.5. His birthday became a holiday in USA He was important for the USA's history

5.1.6. Fought for the civils rights

5.1.7. Many of King's plans was successful

5.2. Rosa Parks

5.2.1. Bus boycot in Montgomery It end in with that many black people didn't took the bus in more than 300 days

5.2.2. Get arrested She doesn't left her sead in a bus for a white man

5.2.3. A black woman

5.2.4. Fought for the civils rights

5.3. Nelson Mandela

5.3.1. Apartheid, Sydafrikansk racediskrimination Slavery

5.3.2. From the South Afica

5.3.3. A black man

5.3.4. A well-known man

5.3.5. Fought for the civils rights

5.4. Malcolm X.

5.4.1. He fought violenty

5.4.2. He was a muslim

5.4.3. He was a spokesman

5.4.4. A black man

5.4.5. Fought for the civils rights

6. Civil rights movement

6.1. Demonstrations in USA

6.2. The society wasn't equal for all the inhabitants in USA

6.3. Freedom Riders

6.3.1. In 1960s

6.3.2. Non-violence demonstrations agains the segregation in USA

6.3.3. The demonstrators drive in busses from, example, Washington D.C. to New Orleans.

6.3.4. The group was open for all people against the segregation, both black and white.

6.3.5. They made Sit-ins at restaurants

7. Good words and expressions

7.1. Prejudiced, fordom

7.2. Snap Judgment, hurtig vurdering/mening

7.3. Suffer, lide

7.4. Equally, lige/samme grad

7.5. Narrow-minded/one-sided-view/bigoted, snæversynet

7.6. Discriminate, skelne

7.7. The fight for civil rights, kampen for civiles rettigheder

7.8. Civil rights movement, bevægelsen for civiles retiheder/borgerrettighedsbevægelse

7.9. Racial and social injustice, race og sociale uretfærdighed

7.10. Civil rights legislation, civile rettigheders lovgivning

7.11. Civil rights act (1965), en lov som gjorde raceadskillelse ulovligt

7.12. Segregation, raceadskillelse