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Keegan's mind map vocab project by Mind Map: Keegan's mind map vocab project
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Keegan's mind map vocab project

Ecological Succession

a series of environmental changes

Primary Succession

when an ecosystem begins in a place with no soil

Secondary Succession

when an ecosystem begins in a place with soil and is abandoned

Climax community

the finished result of an area that experienced ecological succession



tropical forest consisting of broadleaved trees and diverse in species. lotsw of rain and hot temperatures


any living thing


a group of the same organism

Food Chain

shows the transfer of energy between organisms when one eats the other

Food Web

shows the tranfer of energy in an ecosystem when one organism eats another

Trophic levels


organism that produces its own energy from the sun like algae


Biotic Factors

factors that are living and influence the population of organisms in an area


the variety of organisms in an ecosystem


Limiting Factors

Population growth

the growth of a population of a certain species including humans

Black Plague

caused the biggest decrease in human populaiton history. a deadly disease during the 1400s

exponential growth

when something like a population grows at a rapid increasing rate

Logistic growth

population grows then plateaus at the carrying capacity

Population growth rate

the rate at which a population grows with organisms being born and diying


an underground layer yielding ground water for wells

water pollution

harmful pollutants poison water and can affect many species