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Iago by Mind Map: Iago

1. Iago is an evil man. He is also charming and extremely intelligent and the audience finds it hard to resist this mysterious villain.

2. Roderigo

3. Motives

3.1. Revenge

3.2. Jealous

3.3. Wants power

3.4. Racism

4. Character Colors Representation

4.1. Black and Red

5. Main Goal

5.1. This quotation is Iago asking a simple question about Cassio to mess with Othello's head, and also to bring in suspicion

5.2. Manipulate Othello into demoting Cassio

6. "My lord, you know I love you"

6.1. Iago is stating that he is Othello friend. What that indicates is that he is Othello's friend and that he is honest with him when in reality he is being manipulative and not being honest.

7. "I humbly do beseech you of your pardon far too much loving you"

7.1. Iago is pretending that he is sorry for blurting out information that is being utilized to play into Othello's head. Iago is trying to play like he is the "nice guy" in order to get closer to Othello and then to manipulate him.

8. Jealous

8.1. If he wasn't jealous of Cassio's position, he wouldn't have set him up to appear immoral and tell Othello that he was sleeping with his wife

9. Personality

9.1. Very Deceptive

9.2. Full of ego and self pride

10. Conflicts

10.1. Desdemona

10.2. Othello

11. "Did Michael Cassio, when you wooed my lady, know of your love"

12. Symbol

12.1. A bloody knife is the perfect symbol to represent Iago.

13. Virtues