Wallace Group Problems

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Wallace Group Problems by Mind Map: Wallace Group Problems

1. Resistence To Accepting Change

1.1. There was a difficult change with the positions of the company, therefore many of the job accountabilities are still up in the air.

2. Little Flexibility

2.1. The President does not seem to want to accept any of the ideas from Rampar.

2.2. The President would not even think about resigning and having someone else come in to help him with the company.

2.3. The President won't accept the fact that his company is doing poorly

3. Need For Management

3.1. There is no management development in this company and there is growth happening which means there needs to be more management

3.2. The technical people are now trying to fill the management spots but they are not qualified for this department therefore they do not fit there.

4. There are Uneven Departments

4.1. Electronics (70%)

4.1.1. There are three different departments in this company and they are not brining in the same income. They do not have to bring in the exact income but the fact that chemicals are only brining in 5% shows that there is something wrong with managing this company.

4.2. Plastics (25%)

4.3. Chemicals (5%)