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All Algorithm, "The Fall of Gavin Lee Felix" by Mind Map: All Algorithm, "The Fall of Gavin Lee Felix"
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All Algorithm, "The Fall of Gavin Lee Felix"

Gavin Lee Felix, "The Villain Who Invents a Religion"

Gavin Lee Felix JPG [1]

Gavin Lee Felix JPG [2]

Felix's Bloody Manifesto [Intro] TXT

He is inspired, in large part, by mentally deficient people in the world who find a source of power and have the capacity to cause great tragedy if not stopped. VIDEO LINK

Upon rebirthing, he spends a year in solitary wandering throughout the streets of Belle Opaque, "The Metro", adjusting physically to modern life. But his soul has wandered the Earth gathering all the knowledge available of the contemporary.

In the Belle Opaque city outskirts, Felix finds a small radio tower amidst an endless Sierra. He uses this to build a temporary hideout and first chapel for All Algorithm : the monkier of his religion.

Bloody Origami Crane, "A Mysterious Memento"

Strange Writing, "Only the God on Earth Can Understand" JPG

Burial in the "Heart of the City" PNG

BELLE OPAQUE Maximum Security Prison

Officer's Prison Report [1] JPG

Officer's Prison Report [2] JPG

Felix's Warehouse Chapel of Murder & Hideout

Felix's Playing Cards of Psychological Reprieve

The second chapel Felix sets up after his first in the Sierra, after becoming bored with solitary religious practice. Where his 'manifesto' leaves off.

God on Earth, "Whom Felix Gives His Life For"

Based on a strange daydream/fantasy/myth that we occasionally hallucinate and question : "Are we actually here? Like right now?" The physical feeling of shaking and being air headed for a moment. The feeling of thinking one being imagined the entire existence of not just Earth, but humankind/the UNIVERSE. Gavin Lee Felix is in search of this organism... To kill it.

Cult Following,"The Minority who are Broken and Agree"

Eventually during Felix's search in Belle Opaque, a crowd of people who feel alienated socially or evangelically curious will come to Felix's side in search of redemption. They too believe in 'The Solution/Wireframe' Gavin Lee Felix presents. They will assist in all his acts : legal or illegal.

Created as a mirror to the entire structure of the WITHNESS unit/collaboration. Almost a plot device designed to break the fourth wall.

Intersection of the WITHNESS Story Arcs, "Star Crossed Representatives from Their Own Island in Time" JPG

Simulation for WITHNESS Structure JPG

THE CITY OF BELLE OPAQUE, "A Metro Slum, A City Different, In its Commodity"

The largest city in its nation. Modeled after a cross between New York/London. Term derives from a period of enlightenment in British history, though reworded to be sinister. It is here Gavin has his main search for the God on earth "whom creates the wireframe".

It is in the city streets where Felix will come into contract from many other members of the Withness UNIVERSE.

The Death of Gavin Lee Felix, "A Soul Someone Forgot to Send"

In the 1800s, a nameless man was cut down before his time at the age of 25. While tending to his village store one afternoon, a thief scavenged his goods. In fear of being caught, Felix was murdered.

His only regret at the time was not finding religion before his passing. He died alone questioning if God was real or not. In his last breath, out of desperation, he imagines that his entire existence is someone else's imagination. And thus, God is a tenant of planet Earth... Gavin Lee Felix's dying breath before turning into a Jiangshi (Chinese Zombie) was of the birth of his own religion.

Felix spent a week dead before a villager found him deceased. By then, even after his burial, his soul had escaped his body to wander the Earth and absorb all the evils of the next two centuries. Only in the 2010s does he awaken after his soul could not absorb anymore evil. His last breath as a human is his eternal purpose as a Jiangshi.

JIANGSHI, an unsent soul that still wanders the Earth. LINK


A VIDEO GAME/PROCESSING sketch involving Felix's Earthly/naive search for God.

A PERFORMANCE piece of Felix spending his isolated stay in prison.

A NARRATIVE FILM chronicling fragments of his life-death-rebirth-anti-life.

An INSTALLATION of Felix's poker cards of psychological reprieve.

The A-Coin, "Rationale for Felix's Rebirth/Insanity?"

M/Exhibit 3, "A Chance Encounter With Felix"