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Here you can see everything I have ever made for the Steam Workshop, or what I'm currently working on.

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Steam Workshop by Mind Map: Steam Workshop

1. Category

1.1. Sub-category

1.1.1. Asset Class Workshop Item Active Item

2. Icons

2.1. Note

2.2. Link

2.3. Progress

2.4. Included

2.5. Excluded

3. Status

3.1. Idea/Request

3.2. Priority 1-10)

3.3. Work In Progress

3.4. Done

3.5. Published (Public)

3.6. Published (Friends-Only)

3.7. Published (Private/Hidden)

3.8. Deleted

3.9. Needs Update

3.10. On Hold / Problem

3.11. Cancelled

4. Assets

4.1. Props

4.1.1. Trains Freight Old New Passenger ICR (NS) Superliner Surfliner California Car Amtrak Acela Express Locomotives F40PH F59PHI SD40-2 Taurus Traxx

4.1.2. Metro P3010 P3010 (LA Metro) Front Prop P3010 (LA Metro) Rear Prop

4.1.3. Station Props Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Wall Lantern Santa Barbara Platform Light Dutch Station Dutch Station Bench Dutch Station Ticket Machine Dutch Station Trash Can

4.1.4. Decals NExt Road Lines Shorelines

4.1.5. Buses MTA XD40 (MTA) XD60 (MTA) LFS (MTA) LFS Artic (MTA) RTS-06 (MTA) C40LF (MTA) D4500CT (MTA) X3-45 (MTA)

4.1.6. Decorations

4.2. Roads

4.2.1. Train Tracks North American Tracks North American Tracks (Modern) North American Tracks (Old) North American Tracks Lane Props Decorative Props

4.3. Buildings

4.3.1. Parks Ploppable Train Cars (Discontinued) Performance Centre (Fresh Popcorn) Lion Statue (Fresh Popcorn)

4.3.2. Train Stations Santa Barbara Station Santa Barbara Station (Arrowhead) Delft Station Bufalo Central Terminal Main Building Bridge Platforms

4.3.3. Decorations US Covered Bridge US Pedestrian Crossing (2-Track) Roundhouse

4.4. Vehicles

4.4.1. Metro P3010 (LA Metro) P3010 (LA Metro) 2-Car P3010 (LAMetro) 4-Car P3010 (LA Metro) 6-Car Boston Metro 1800 Series Type A 2019

4.4.2. Trains Freight BNSF Farm Freight Express CP Freight Train CSX Freight Express CN Freight Express CB Cargo Express DB Freight Train CP3100 GTA V Train Passenger Amtrak Other NS

4.4.3. Buses MTA XD40 (MTA) XD60 (MTA) LFS (MTA) LFS Artic (MTA) RTS-06 (MTA) C40LF (MTA) D4500CT (MTA) X3-45 (MTA)

5. Mods

5.1. Metro Overhaul Mod

5.1.1. Visual 2-Tracks Meshes Textures 1-Tracks Meshes Textures Caternaries 2-Tracks 1-Track Wires

5.2. Catenary Replacer

5.2.1. Style Expo Line 2-Track 1-Track JP A NL A B US PRR NYNH&H DE A B IT A USSR A FR A PT A

6. Social Media

6.1. Twitter

6.2. Youtube

6.2.1. Twitch

6.3. Sketchfab

6.3.1. Imgur