Gathering Public Support for Euthanasia

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Gathering Public Support for Euthanasia by Mind Map: Gathering Public Support for Euthanasia

1. Mail Informative Flyers

1.1. Create informational flyers on Euthanasia and MAID services and have it mailed to local residents, describing the benefits of euthanasia and steps on how to get involved.

1.2. Cons: Expensive; waste of paper

1.3. Pros: Easily made; everyone will see it; contact information is easily detectable so residents can easily contact you

2. Informational Video

2.1. Create an Informational video about euthanasia and put it up on YouTube. Also request hospitals to broadcast it on their televisions to gain awareness from hospital staff and patients.

2.2. Cons: Very few people might see it (people who are rushing in/out of the hospital); Audience might not see the contact information;

2.3. Pros: Cheap; easy to make; spread awareness and support on a global scale (because of YouTube)

3. Presentations at Faith-based hospitals

3.1. Go door-to-door to every faith-based hospital and present an informative and persuasive presentation describing the pros of Euthanasia, trying to persuade the hospitals to allow MAID services at their hospital.

3.2. Cons: Time consuming; prepare in advance; presenting to audiences - public speaking; might not be able to alternate their beleifs

3.3. Pros: Possibly persuade at least one hospital(s) to allow euthanasia; See and answer/ask questions to the audience face-to-face

4. Write to the Governement

4.1. Cons: Minister of Health may not see it or might not get to it; Politician may not see it of any importance; have to write

4.2. Pros: Spread awareness from within the government; Gain support from people of high government positions

4.3. Write a letter to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care to enforce Euthanasia and other MAID services throughout Ontario, describing the benefits of the situation if euthanasia was to be enforced in every hospital.