The increase of popularity in Power Lifting and strength training.

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The increase of popularity in Power Lifting and strength training. by Mind Map: The increase of popularity in Power Lifting and strength training.

1. How has social media heavily impacted the growth of the sport?

1.1. The effect of social media and how it has brought this into light.

1.1.1. Popularity statistics on the subject "Views, Subscribers, and Followers"

1.2. Social Media stars that are Power Lifters or an advocate of the sport.

1.2.1. The reviews from there followers and people who view them.

2. What are the benefits of the sports and the reasons why it is growing?

2.1. The Sport is one of the few where the point of the sport is to compete against yourself as well as other people without the need of a team.

2.1.1. Articles or blogs of people with personal experience in competing in the sport

2.1.2. My own personal experience

2.2. Training can help develop your physiology and improve your overall fitness.

2.2.1. Books on the effects of strength training and the benefits

3. Is it becoming a Fitness trend and why?

3.1. Power Lifting and practices of barbell training to improve athleticism have become more upcoming in fitness magazines and blogs.

3.1.1. Examples of fitness magazines and articles that include "Power Lifting" or Strength training as part of the tips or program.

3.1.2. articles, blogs, and even books on how non Power Lifters utilize this type of training to improve there own agenda.

3.2. More focus on building strength using "Power Lifting" programs are becoming very popular to many people that work out.

3.2.1. Books, articles, and even studies on the effects of using the compound movements to develop overall fitness for someone just starting to exercise.

4. Why wasn't it popular in the past or heard of?

4.1. Information of the Sports existence was scarce before the rise of social media and the internet as with a lot of information.

4.1.1. Statistics on how many Federations with amount of athletes during the early 2000's to now

4.2. Since it wasn't popular and advertised as much as other types of sports and fitness the sport was almost completely unheard of by the general population and even the fitness community.

4.2.1. Statistics of other sports and bodybuilding during the early 2000's to compare too