Enlightenment Ideas Spread

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Enlightenment Ideas Spread by Mind Map: Enlightenment Ideas Spread

1. New Ideas Challenge Society

1.1. Diderots Encyclopedia

1.2. reform was necessary to achieve society

1.3. ensure social justice and happiness

1.4. imprisoned writers, burned and banned books

1.4.1. restricted access to ideas and information Montesquieu and Voltaire wrote ideas in fiction

1.5. discussion in salons- Madame Geoffrin ran one of the best salons

2. Arts and Literature Reflect New Ideas

2.1. went from Baroque styles to Rococo

2.1.1. rococo was hung in salons- moved away from religion

2.2. led composers and musicians to compose new music

2.2.1. Johann Sebastian was an important composer

2.2.2. Franz Joseph Haydn was one of most important classical developers.

2.3. Novels were written

2.3.1. Daniel Defoe- Robinson Crusoe

2.3.2. Samuel Richardson- Pamela

3. Enlightened Despots Embrace New Ideas

3.1. Philosophes wanted people to understand reform was necessary

3.2. enlightened despots- abs. rulers who used their power to bring about political and social change

3.3. Fredrick 2 attempts reform

3.3.1. did not intend to give up power

3.4. Catherine the Great believed in enlightenment ideas of equality and liberty.

3.4.1. abolished torture

3.5. Joseph II went undercover and traveled to see peoples probelms

3.5.1. worked to enlighten Austria

4. Lives of Majority Change Slowly

4.1. equality and social justice seeped into peasant lives

4.2. many did not accept change at first, but later did

4.3. economic traditions changed & changed peasant life in Europe