Enlightened Despots

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Enlightened Despots by Mind Map: Enlightened Despots

1. Qualities

1.1. Cared for their subjects well-being

1.2. Believed that they were destined to rule

1.3. Had a non-violent approach

2. Examples

2.1. Emperor Joseph II

2.1.1. "Everything for the people, nothing by the people."

2.1.2. Holy Roman Emperor

2.2. Frederick II the Great

2.2.1. King of Prussia

2.2.2. Made Prussia one of the Great states of Europe

2.3. Peter I the Great

2.3.1. Emperor of Russia (1682-1725)

2.3.2. Initiated reforms in many fields

2.4. Catherine II the Great

2.4.1. Empress of Russia (1762-1796)

2.4.2. Reorganized administration/law of Russia and expanded Russian territory

3. Actions

3.1. Exercises rationality

3.2. Focused on healthcare, education, and physical infrastructure

3.3. Allowed some democratic-decision making

3.4. Pursued reform inspired by Enlightenment