Enlightened Despots

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Enlightened Despots by Mind Map: Enlightened Despots

1. About it

1.1. Form of government in the 18th century

1.1.1. Absolute monarchs pursued legal, social, and educational reforms.

1.1.2. Most prominent enlightened despots Frederick ii Peter i Typically instituted administrative reform, religious toleration and economic development

2. Treaty of paris

2.1. British

2.1.1. Acquired French Canada and more land.

2.2. France

2.2.1. Retained Caribbean sugar islands and few other in India.

3. Excercise Their political power for benefit of the people

3.1. Rather than for the elites

4. Originated during the 18th and early 19th century

5. What is it

5.1. Refers to leaders espousal of enlightenment ideas

5.2. Enhance leaders power

5.2.1. Non democratic leaders or authoritarian leaders

6. Characteristics

6.1. Work for the people

7. Periods

7.1. Period of peace and prosperity

7.2. Period of warfare

7.3. Period of enlightened despotism