Digital Marketing Concepts

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Digital Marketing Concepts by Mind Map: Digital Marketing Concepts

1. Stephanie Schwab

1.1. 20+ years digital marketing

1.2. 20 years social media

1.3. 10+ years teaching

1.4. CEO Crackerjack

1.4.1. 10 people around the world

1.5. Parsons

2. Introduction

2.1. Tags

2.1.1. Why Categorization similar to ancient systems in libraries SEO

2.1.2. How # 3# on Instagram 1# on Twitter single word short phrase consistent nouns no abbreviations

2.1.3. Where blogs videos social media

2.1.4. Problem Lost Changed No control

2.2. History of Web

2.2.1. Web 1.0 rush 1994-2004 early startups e.g. KOZMO peak in domain quantity around 2000 Flat websites

2.2.2. Web 2.0 left brain Marketing Funnel changed old: broadcast new: customer networks very new: not a funnel Long Tail Engaging reviews Users 11h/day on content Content now video E-Commerce Cloud Online & Offline connected

2.2.3. Web 3.0 >50% of world online right brain semantics subjective intuitive looks at the whole personalization mobile interactive IOT AI bots algorithms

3. Why?

3.1. Prioritize concepts for ARÉTÉ

3.2. not burn money

4. Branding & Mission Statements

4.1. successful brand

4.1.1. specific target niche don't be the Swiss army knife have a high value in that niche

4.1.2. clear value proposition

4.1.3. unique selling point do things differently to stand out

4.2. brand definition

4.2.1. vision

4.2.2. mission

4.2.3. values

4.2.4. objectives

4.3. brand attributes

4.3.1. responsible

4.3.2. compassionate

4.3.3. inclusive

4.3.4. creative

4.4. brand personality

4.5. brand name

4.5.1. personal brand better personal connection difficult to exit

4.5.2. evocative e.g. ARÉTÉ new brands don't have their meaning in the name

4.5.3. acronym e.g. IBM

4.5.4. descriptive e.g. E*TRADE

4.6. brand identity

4.6.1. wordmark NASA

4.6.2. letterform AirBnB

4.6.3. conceptual Apple

4.7. purpose of mission

4.7.1. golden circle by Simon Sinek

4.7.2. brand strategy pyramid

4.8. ARÉTÉ

4.8.1. We help environmental & ethically conscious consumers express their values through minimalistic, high-quality fashion.

4.8.2. They are attracted to our brand because unlike everyone else, we over-deliver on environmental efforts and provide radical transparency by putting the artisans into the spotlight while reintroducing hemp fabric.

5. Digital marketing strategy & planning

6. Blogs

6.1. What?

6.1.1. online diary

6.1.2. elements navigation categorized contain text, images, ... include links to other sites reverse chronological order

6.2. History

6.2.1. early blogs "Justin Hall" to put the newest posts up "boing boing digital" to discuss the future of web "dooce", being fired for writing bad things about her company first mummy blogger Microsoft corporate efforts started

6.2.2. accesibility past: need to be listed to be found

6.3. Why?

6.3.1. Conversion know like trust "people buy from people they know, like and trust." conversion

6.3.2. Traffic

6.3.3. SEO

6.3.4. Thought leadership and industry authority

6.3.5. help customers and potential customers

6.3.6. humanize your brand

6.3.7. support social media

6.3.8. increase leads or sales long tail of blogging aggregation of new contacts thanks to old blog posts

6.3.9. keeps your website fresh

6.3.10. develop two-way conversations

6.4. How?

6.4.1. considerations personas who targeted? themes & topics what? editorial calendar who writes? how often?

6.4.2. editorial calendar why? get everyone on the same page stay on top of deadlines never run out of ideas keep a regular cadence of posts keep a record of posts spark ideas by looking back use to measure success

6.4.3. attribution quote content (facts, ...) put hyperlink to the actual site larger block of content make them stand out link at try to get linked back (because they now appear like an authority) either link the content directly, or to homepage don't remove branding if picture is reused creative commons licensed need to reference in most cases not monetizable sources social media share on blog

6.5. Where?

6.5.1. ZMOT inspire them before they ever thought about it broadening your content core sustainable fashion

6.6. SEO

6.6.1. Sharing + SEO = Distribution

6.6.2. style casual style what are they searching for? in first person ask questions, invite discussion & debate focus on the reader, not your company

6.6.3. types of posts original data: surveys, research, interviews industry examples (with attribution) address customer questions practical or instructional "problem/solution" posts case studies behind the scenes reviews lists interviews events company news and media surveys curation of 3rd party content or expert opinion

6.6.4. content great horizontal/square image additional images or video catchy title subheaders, bullets, or other organizing concepts copy-edited, good writing

6.6.5. length lengths are increasing strongest results for >2000 words because of all the crappy content out there

6.6.6. cononical references indicates the original content Google does not like duplicates if same content in different mediums make sure website is cononical

6.6.7. Keyword keyword research narrow down a range of choices Google Trends Google Keywords Answer the Public checklist in URL display title filename of your main image first, second phrase ... title tag meta description

6.6.8. link economy your blog inbound links internal links outbound links

6.7. Checklist

6.7.1. 750+ words

6.7.2. great image at the top

6.7.3. catchy, but easily understood, title

6.7.4. focused n one primary topic

6.7.5. bullets, lists, or other

7. Social Media

7.1. What?

7.1.1. social relationships interaction our brand appreciates you collaboration sharability community scale reach trust

7.1.2. motivation for interaction user motivation 61% discount 55% purchase 22% part of a community 33% feel connected business estimation discount and purchase lowest

7.2. Why?

7.2.1. humanizes our business people buy from people, not brands

7.2.2. turn strangers into customers and fans

7.2.3. traffic for website

7.2.4. cost-effective compared to Superbowl Ads

7.3. How?

7.3.1. become a must-follow valuable content

7.3.2. optimization things to do customer service crisis communications optimized content engagement playbook crisis playbook

7.3.3. paid ads bid system CPM CPC CPA ROI

7.3.4. brand voice

7.4. Where?

7.4.1. users Youtube most popular more B2B LinkedIn Twitter Youtube more B2C Facebook Instagram Pinterest Snapchat Twitter Youtube

7.4.2. organic only

7.5. Funnel

7.5.1. TOFU customer lookalike competitor audiences interest audiences

7.5.2. MOFU brand engagers on social / website

7.5.3. BOFU retargeting shopping cart abandons

7.5.4. Brand Loyalists customized

7.6. Platforms

7.6.1. General no one-fits all strategy choose the best platform to start with lifespan facebook 5-6h instagram 48h (stories 24h) Pinterest 3 months Twitter 15-20 minutes

7.6.2. Facebook users 2.23 billion 30% 25-34 Pro influential set-up easy every demographic moderate time commitment analytics Cons organic limited fishing vs. farming no direct customer data Content video -> image -> status > link 81% of top 500 posts are videos ratio timing length algorithm 1. Inventory 2. Signals 3. Predictions 4. Score posting strategy "Edu-tainment"

7.6.3. Instagram users 1 billion 68% women 59% of 18-29 72% of teens brands 4.21% engagement content engagement hashtags ideas stories when? 1-2 per day 8-9 am 2 am emojis works might look awkward video 3-60s vertical ideal

7.6.4. Twitter general easy set-up 2nd best for B2B great for media outreach good analytics good self-service ads B2C 54% take action when brand linked in post opportunity for personal interaction optimization human cover image follow people from the industry mention the source AND the author frequency ads video ads 16x other ads

7.6.5. Pinterest users 200M / month good for fashion Pro organic --> sales visual showcase low effort engaged users 3 month post lifespan content real-life shoot 170% boost

7.6.6. LinkedIn users 27% of US adults 13% rural, 30% urban 45% of 100k+ income 50% of college+ Pro best B2B best lead generation business elite ad by job title powerful seach clean feed Con corporate engagement hard to achieve optimize about us as on website profile pic header pic tune into trending topics (#) personal branding headline about projects request recommendations

7.6.7. Youtube users 1.9B 90% US 18-44 Pro potential enormous viewership #1 network for SEO enhance customer experience easily incorporated in social media easily shared 90% discover new brands on YT Con unwanted ads not great community builder optimize rich-media SEO optimization playlists

8. Brand Voice

8.1. hero

8.1.1. self-confident no need to profile her/himself too far grounded "we are only a small raindrop pouring into the ocean" listening and eager to learn

8.1.2. honest and transparent "we are already" humorous "we take our mission serious. we don't take ourselves serious" "honestly, finding high quality, organic hemp fabric is more difficult than leg day"

8.1.3. loves challenges push boundaries "but pushing the boundaries is part of our DNA."

8.1.4. innovative questioning the status quo "why is it still acceptable for a brand to not know how your products are made?" backed by facts "53% of brands still don't know where exactly their garments are made"

8.1.5. driven / passionate got a calling "if you ever felt like you are lacking

8.1.6. inspirational B2C "We invite you to join us on our mission. Learn more about the impact of fast fashion. Spread the word. Share the love."

8.1.7. challenging (inviting) B2B "It is our sincere

8.1.8. welcoming co-creators

8.2. Character / Persona

8.2.1. who do we sound like?

8.3. Tone

8.3.1. general vibe

8.4. Language

8.4.1. casual

8.4.2. formal

8.5. Purpose

8.5.1. why are we on social media for you?

9. Marketing Funnels, lead generation, landing pages

9.1. Marketing Automation

9.1.1. software extension / alternative to google analytics convert website visitors into leads nurture with helpful content retain and extend customer relationships

9.1.2. benefits inside customer behavior target customers across channels increased revenue from prospects improves accountability of marketing and sales team frees up time great CRM

9.1.3. develop personas define messages

9.2. Lead Generation

9.2.1. visitors -> leads -> customers

9.2.2. traffic -> landing page with form -> lead generated short forms perform best no form for known visitors (re-converted)

9.2.3. activities send quality traffic improve conversion to leads prospects (email address) --> MQL (marketing qualified leads) 25% leads are MQL meet sales criteria MQLs --> SQLs (sales qualified leads) lead scoring whether or not move to the next stage fit engagement probability of closing

9.2.4. tactics email marketing SEO social media

9.3. funnel

9.3.1. TOFU SEO eBooks webinars/videos white papers tools social media

9.3.2. MOFU case studies product comparison guides testimonials (written/video) targeted email marketing video demos

9.3.3. BOFU live demos tailored content how-to videos published content (e.g. books)

9.4. Lead Magnet

9.4.1. definition content that attracts people download in exchange for email small chunk of value solves specific problem for specific market not newsletter one specific thing desired results immediate gratificationl high perceived value

9.4.2. make it relevant for your business otherwise, useless list of leads

9.4.3. historical AOL CD 45 days 1000h

9.4.4. types case study e.g. email deliverability toolkit / resource list / swipe file e.g. templates coupon / exclusive deal e.g. 10% right now free trial / download / freemium e.g. first course free quiz let's you capture more information value for leads webinar / video training / demo free assessment / consultation cheat sheet / checklist / worksheet challenge allowance to be in inbox more engagement ideally: buy from you simple and easy life-changing result examples dynamic

9.4.5. tools quizzes interact leadquizzes typeform graphics canva piktochart

9.5. Landing Page

9.5.1. convert into leads

9.5.2. could have different design

9.5.3. single call to action add "no I don't want to learn" button / link

9.5.4. campaign-specific

9.5.5. layout only one destination as a link 6-point punch hero /magnet picture

10. Social Media Listening

10.1. Why?

10.1.1. difficult to collect sentiment people don't use hashtags don't always mention brand sift for gold nuggets

10.1.2. data increases exponentially

10.1.3. visibility above facebook pinterest ... below whatsapp linkedin snapchat reddit ...

10.2. How?

10.2.1. keywords

10.2.2. keyword refinement

10.2.3. conversation types

10.2.4. communities and influencers

10.2.5. segmentation & personas

10.2.6. attitudes & perceptions

10.2.7. append external data

10.3. For?

10.3.1. customer service

10.3.2. content development

10.3.3. competitive intelligence, ...

10.4. Tools

10.4.1. Free RSS feed crawl relevant publications & blog Google Alerts for brand names Twitter searches

11. E-Mail Marketing

11.1. What?

11.1.1. transactional sales notification shipping notification

11.1.2. marketing promotional campaign specific

11.2. Why?

11.3. How?

11.3.1. measure open click conversion

11.3.2. copy include footer CURVE subject line curiosity urgency relevance value emotion

11.3.3. listbuilding elements website email marketing software google analytics opt-in forms marketing plan and SMART objectives

12. Influence Marketing

12.1. Andrea Fellman

12.1.1. story fashion studies mom's blog free product reviews later ambassador for brands later blogger for "Babycenter" vessel to gather other influencers for "breakfasts" later editor and writers 20% sponsored; 80% evergreen sold site in 2016 Twitter & husband's knowledge sparked everything

12.1.2. choose influencer influencers who also contribute to big sites digital influencer vs. real life influencer number of comments different people for different posts 80k followers does not make a follower actually influence! engagement authentic build relationships better: have mentioned you before read their content before! in line with our brand? better not just one post long-term strategy promote their post ask for samples of past work with another company ROI data testimonial of prior partner choose microinfluencers they could create content

12.1.3. as influencer pitch the brands you're already a fan of

12.2. why?

12.2.1. content creation

12.2.2. awareness

12.2.3. more "touchpoints"

12.2.4. zero moment of truth

12.2.5. SEO backlinks

12.2.6. credibility

12.3. who?

12.3.1. not reachable Warren Seth Williams sisters

12.3.2. yes mega probably out of budget macro events movement HQ content micro content creation highest engagement rate only one partnership! advocates referrers loyalists

12.4. how?

12.4.1. not partner too early

12.4.2. 3W win for brand win for influencer win for consumer

12.4.3. instagram takeover

12.4.4. style guides

12.4.5. contract don't work with competitor

12.5. price?

12.5.1. 1k per 100k Instagram

12.5.2. 2k for 100k Youtube

12.5.3. might be minimum views otherwise: make good