Farming and Ranching at Fort Ross

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Farming and Ranching at Fort Ross by Mind Map: Farming and Ranching at Fort Ross

1. 1 part

1.1. Fort Ross

1.1.1. in private farms plants grow better

1.1.2. in farm problem грызуны bad soil

1.1.3. Animal otter(выдры) extinction

1.2. Russian experiment

1.2.1. Fruit garden peach From San Francisco in 1814 grapes From Peru in 1817 cherry pear apple

2. 2 part

2.1. experiment

2.1.1. farm in a protected area fail

2.2. 3 ranch

2.2.1. Egor chernih's ranch crop vegetables fruit grapes

2.2.2. Petr Kostromotinov's ranch wheat 100 hectares buildings house quarters granaries

2.2.3. third ranch buildings house quarters bakery forge tobacco's repository shed crop wheat beans tobacco corn Elena Elena's birthday manager's wife

3. 3 part

3.1. cattle breeding

3.1.1. cattle from mexican's horses nine hundred and forty pieces Murli Nine hundred pieces sheeps one thousand seven hundred shituk

3.1.2. products wool one thousand eight hundred pounds a year attempt to expand lard candles soap skins footwear