Enlightenment Ideas Spread

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Enlightenment Ideas Spread by Mind Map: Enlightenment  Ideas Spread

1. Lives of the Majority Change Slowly

1.1. Most of the people weren't affected by the Enlightenment

1.2. Peasants and middle class lived the same and sometimes made it worse

2. Enlightened Despots Embrace New Ideas

2.1. Fredrick II or Fredrick the Great ruled Prussia

2.2. Prussia was an enlightenment despot

2.3. Fredrick openly supported Voltaire and his works

2.4. Catherine the Great ruled Russia

2.5. Embraced and praised Diderot and Voltaire

2.6. Joseph II ruled Austria

2.7. Most enlightened out of all the rulers

2.8. Very influential

3. New Ideas Challenge Society

3.1. The Enlightenment spread across Europe

3.2. Information presented in pamphlets

3.3. Different from Middle Ages

3.4. Due to slander of certain organizations literature was censored

3.5. Books were burned

3.6. Philosophers were imprisoned

3.7. Salons were meeting places for philosophers and were popular during the Enlightenment

4. Arts and Literature Reflect New Ideas

4.1. Baroque was a painting style

4.2. Baroque was large colorful paintings

4.3. Baroque was a popular during Louis XIV's rule

4.4. Rococo was another painting style

4.5. Rococo was light and eloquent

4.6. Rococo was popular during Louis XV's rule

4.7. Classical music was popular in between Baroque and Rococo

4.8. One of the most influential composer Franz Joseph Haydn

4.9. Novels were also important at the time