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iPad/iPhone and Accessibility by Mind Map: iPad/iPhone and Accessibility
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iPad/iPhone and Accessibility

Built in Accessibility Features



Large Text

White on Black

Triple click

All avalable via Settings>General>Accessibility


Key to Icons

Talking Calc

A number of similar apps are available

Note Taking Apps

  Records audio as you are typing or drawing notes.  

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Search

eBook Readers

There are several ebook readers which read books in different formats and have different accessibility features



Symbol based communication tool.  Reads words and phrases out load when symbol buttons are pressed. Costs over £100


  Create and play back photo stories with recorded audio and text attached  


Use the camera to take a photo of text, this app converts this into digital text which it can then read out loud.

Speak it

  Reads aloud text which is typed in.  Has 4 voices built in.  Supports multiple languages.  


records audio and sends this as an email either as an audio file or it can convert the audio into text.

Google Mobile

Google mobile can seach a spoken request as well as one which is typed in.

BSL FingerSpelling


Use camera to turn iphone into a basic magnifying glass


Use camera to turn iphone into a basic magnifying glass


Symbol based communication app

Shake a Face

Shake the device to display a cartoon face with a different expression.  Can be used with Autistic learners  

Case Studies

iPhone a Blind Users Perspective

A visually impaired college student & his iPhone

Using an iPhone to aid literacy and numeracy within passenger transport

Using iPhone with Autism

"My iPhone has revolutionised my reading" for a Dyslexic reader

Podcast of blind bloggers using an iphone

Blog post of a blind iPhone user

Last Wednesday, my life changed forever. I got an iPhone. I consider it the greatest thing to happen to the blind for a very long time, possibly ever.


Braile Reader

Directional microphone

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