Student outreach Program

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Student outreach Program by Mind Map: Student outreach Program

1. After the campaign is started, we should make sure it's publicised thoroughly in social media of the respective registered colleges.

2. What will they get ? The college team to get most number of votes will have a 1-hr session with some sports celebrity ( ashwin ) and would get gameday goodies and freebies. For the other top 3-5 teams we shall send signed cards / shirts etc.,

3. What happens in the outreach - Every college Cricket team will have a profile in our website mentioning their players along with their photographs & their attributes. We get this information from sports coordinator / captain of the team.

3.1. Then polling would start to choose the best college cricket team. Students from respective colleges would vote for their team from our Portal. Thus they sign up with gameday ( via Google / Facebook ) and cast their vote. We shall have a progress bar related to sports like the one used in dropbox space race challenge

4. About the Outreach Program - The campaign is aimed to get students in various colleges to get to know about gameday. They are our potential customers ( during & after graduation ).