Contextualized Online Search and Research Skill

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Contextualized Online Search and Research Skill by Mind Map: Contextualized Online Search and Research Skill

1. Online Search

1.1. Advantages of Online Search

1.1.1. Speed and accuracy

1.1.2. Outstanding level of information

1.1.3. Broad information

1.1.4. Quite comfortable

1.1.5. Flexibility

1.1.6. Easy and saves time

1.2. Disadvantages of Online Search

1.2.1. Unavailability in certain areas

1.2.2. Lack of security

1.2.3. No quality of information

1.2.4. Arrangement

1.2.5. Distracting and misleading

2. Research Skill

2.1. Identify your keywords

2.2. Develop your research strategy

2.3. Search for books – includes your evaluating search results

2.4. Search for journals – online and print media

2.5. Cite your sources

2.6. Manage your bibliography

3. Purposes

3.1. To share information about the topic

3.2. To spread awareness about online search

3.3. To have skills in searching

3.4. To be a key for being a productive person through research

4. Presented by: MARCELINO, Hannah Marie A. (STEM 11-C)

5. Thank you!