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Professional Use of Social Media Minna Takala 15.5.2012 Lecture / Workshop Lappeenranta University of Technology by Mind Map: Professional Use of  Social Media
Minna Takala
Lecture / Workshop 
 Lappeenranta University of Technology
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Professional Use of Social Media Minna Takala 15.5.2012 Lecture / Workshop Lappeenranta University of Technology

Use of Social Media in small business development -

Rlabs, Cape Town, South Africa

LinnaBikeShop / Linnan Pyöräverstas Hämeenlinna, Finland


What is Social Media?

So many definitions

Search Google with "social media definition"

Some basic "tools"

Microblogging => Twitter -> Yammer

Blogging => Wordpress -> Blogger

Personal / professional social networks => Facebook => Linked In

White label social communities => Ning => Webs

... and so many more Comprehensive, emerging list of collaborative tools ...

Pictures tell more than 1000 words ...

Search Google with "social media"

History / Future of Social Media contantly emerging

Web on the move - Landscapes of Mobile Social Media - VTT Report 2007

Social media guidelines for organizations - VTT Working Paper 2011

Some Interesting examples

Url shortener .

Llayar - augmented reality applications

Location based services, Virtuaalipolku, Foursquare

Microfunding, Kiva, Grow Vc, Kickstarter

Microtasks / jobs, Otetsudai networks, Microtakss, virtual assistants gamification etc., Uusi

Use of Social Media in International Research


INSCO -project (TEKES) Innovation in Sourcing Competencies

ProViWo - project (TEKES) Professional Use of Virtual Worlds

Meraka Institute

Rendez - research project (TEKES) 2006 - 2008

Specific Tools




Use of Social Media for personal development

How to use Twitter?

1) trends & key people to follow 2) making notes and share them on-time for this a class 3) using lists for special interests 4) sharing quick info related to course

How to use Facebook?

1) groups & networks 2) making surveys. focus groups for research 3) communication and sharing information 4) preparing events and meeting via Facebook 5) finding information "crowdsourcing" personal networks

What else could be used ?

1) slideshare for info 2) MIT open campus 3) book clubs ? amazon... 4) using feed readers (eg. Google reader) for selected people

How to use blogs?

chech Luis Suarez - elsua -blog Sacha Chu - Living an awesome life blog

Linked- In

1) Recruiting people 2) Alumni activities 3) joining global groups in selected themes e.g. knowledge management 4) making groups of your interest and inviting people to join 5) using polls

Other possibilities



Google Docs



Possibility to join in & learn more SomeTime Communities & Groups & Events & Books

Commuinities & Events

SomeTime 2010, 2011, 2012, Facebook group, preparatory meetinga on-line, Seminar in June

Some researchers network in Linked-In


Tapscott & Williams (2006) Wikinomics Tapscott & Williams (2010) Marcrowikinomics

Libert & Spector (2007) We are smarter than me.

Aalto & Uusisaari (2009) Nettielämää - sosiaalisen elämän maailmat.

Use of Social Media in business contexts

Options for presense

An active role - multichannel presense, active interaction

A passive rolle - observing, no interaction

In active role - no activity for company side

No presense ? seldomly an option ?

Application Areas

Business Development

Business Intelligence





Maintenance Care

Internal communication