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mindmeister by Mind Map: mindmeister
4.5 stars - 2 reviews range from 0 to 5



clockwise export print order or some other way of determing RTF text order

enforce some kind of ordering on RTF export!

interface and functionality

deep search into all user/shared maps

results as a concordance showing location of search term in depth of the map

auto text prompt for tags and for node data

auto insert text, prompt user for existing node names as they type, prompt user to link existing node name to the new one being created

list mode

show the version number of the document, allow users to go back to V5 if they are V9, If this functionality is available then make it more obvious in the interface

Does NOT sort by Title Correctly.

On rollover of Created by and Shared with information show details

show tag in the list view... I need to be able to see if the map has a tag without having to open it

New node name is not being displayed dependably in the list mode

the little red pill in the corner needs to be more prominent...

map mode

add file to folder via the UI

better handling of edge/ collision detection... Keep the maps from overlapping!

enable ctrl +s for sanity, users have been trained for years... at least give us the satisfaction of using crtrl + s...

show the version number of the document, allow users to go back to V5 if they are V9, If this functionality is available then make it more obvious in the interface

Include version Number in center Node information

enable control + arrow key to change location of node, ctrl + arrow to move up, crtrl + arrow to move nodes up and down

ability to spawn new maps from existing branch, prompt for preserving share rights, prompt for linkage in mind map, prompt for preserving publish to web rights

hold down crtl key to copy nodes

custom icons

live chat in the map mode, Is that twitter? If yes, then show that in Demogirl video

folder and file management is a pain

need something that behaves more like a mind map itself, see Pearl Trees

tags and shared with is not updating fast enough

Red pill buffer overflow problem (lock up) is occurring more often.


send email

can't copy node data into buffer to paste into email., The RTF format is very finicky, please XHTML!

enable right click >send to email or right click copy data into clipboard buffer for pasting into another application

I want to be able to send my collaborators a note indicating that they need to verify content. I'd like to stay in the mindmeister interface and that the link to the mind map be included automatically in the message I send to my collaborators

I want a copy of the email sent to my account email.

I want to send a branch or just a node.

better handling of friends list

importing list

mass delete


enable sharing for multiple maps by using checkboxes to select

After a long weekend of work to have to individually share each map is TIME CONSUMING

gifting premium subscriptions to other users


Custom node export values

I'd like to be able to automatically assign values to the first node on a branch and same for second, third etc. On export give the user the ability to modify and append the text export parameters based on the node value. For example: Node 1 with a value of X would be exported with the appended value of VAR= so that the final output would be VAR=X.

how to export all MM files at the same time?

export as SWF!

on text export (assuming simple text: ASCII) put two blank lines between nodes one blank line between branches

almost anything would be better than current export!

exporting to web page


give users the ability to visually resize iframe without having to go into the HTML to modify the four values... or

put the size values as defaults. I always use 600X400 for my live on line mindmaps and it's a real bummer to have to retype them every single time.


include version number appended to end of file


include version number

word count

last edited

prompt for printing names of last five editors

option to print notes on the nodes, still no notes are printed with new copy as text feature

on export include either tabs or spaces

better yet give user option to export with spaces or tabs!

The text export under the right click on a branch root is useful but still no send to ...


allow for importing of pictures

Do NOT Allow duplicates maps to be created: Prompt user with warning and info about the other mind map and who it was created by


FF search add doesn't work


drag and drop file folder management


very buggy in Chrome browser

cannot move mind maps to new folders from inside the toolbox


large text nodes can't be moved or apparently delted as in the custom node export values node above

and adding notes fails as well with large text, actually what it is is that the save button for the Notes doesn't always appear! The rest of the time the Save Button wasn't visible... so the autosave doesn't work for notes!!! Give us the Ctrl + S please!, Thank you! ctrl +s works now!


how to import lots of mm files at once?

can support up to 50 at this time

how to export lots of mm files at oncE?

MM is not clear on this