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mindmeister by Mind Map: mindmeister
4.5 stars - 2 reviews range from 0 to 5



clockwise export print order or some other way of determing RTF text order

interface and functionality

deep search into all user/shared maps

auto text prompt for tags and for node data

list mode

map mode

folder and file management is a pain

tags and shared with is not updating fast enough

Red pill buffer overflow problem (lock up) is occurring more often.


send email

better handling of friends list


enable sharing for multiple maps by using checkboxes to select

After a long weekend of work to have to individually share each map is TIME CONSUMING

gifting premium subscriptions to other users


Custom node export values

how to export all MM files at the same time?

export as SWF!

on text export (assuming simple text: ASCII) put two blank lines between nodes one blank line between branches

exporting to web page




on export include either tabs or spaces


allow for importing of pictures

Do NOT Allow duplicates maps to be created: Prompt user with warning and info about the other mind map and who it was created by


FF search add doesn't work


drag and drop file folder management


very buggy in Chrome browser

cannot move mind maps to new folders from inside the toolbox



how to import lots of mm files at once?

how to export lots of mm files at oncE?