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Computer by Mind Map: Computer

1. Use of programs

1.1. Sketch up

1.1.1. houses

1.1.2. people

1.1.3. scences

1.2. Firefox

1.2.1. add ons delicious tagging themes tabs deep understanding

1.3. MindMeister

1.3.1. mind maps

1.3.2. planning

1.3.3. orgainization


1.4.1. make posters

1.4.2. edit pictures

1.4.3. crop

1.4.4. resize

1.4.5. make things

1.5. office

1.5.1. excel spread sheet mangament money expenses

1.6. windows movie maker

1.6.1. Make movies

1.6.2. upload

1.6.3. lay MP3 file

1.6.4. good understanding of tools and goodies

1.7. gmail

1.7.1. Pages Websites Documents Group editing acess from anywhere

1.7.2. Calender get in tune with class used by other teachers helps us stay on top of things

1.7.3. Email send recieve file exchange google talk stay in touch with class

2. projects

2.1. Business

2.1.1. gives a good idea on actually work stress thought process cramming

2.1.2. planning orgainization time managment

2.1.3. skills leadership people skills patience

2.2. Websites

2.2.1. good skill for life good in the work place help you present your self well

2.2.2. fun creative artistic chance to express yourself reflect your personality

2.2.3. great evaluation individually done dont need to depend on others

2.3. Movie

2.3.1. fun chance to explore do our own thing

2.3.2. good skill slide shows powerpoints stories

2.3.3. hard lots of possibility need to think realistically