UK Co-operative Movement

This is just a basic draft and should not be taken as representative at all

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UK Co-operative Movement by Mind Map: UK Co-operative Movement

1. Main co-op types

1.1. Consumer co-ops

1.1.1. Large Midcounties Co-operative THe Phone Co-op The Wine Society HF Holidays

1.1.2. Small The Peoples Supermarket Slaithwaite Co-operative Truefood

1.1.3. Housing co-operatives

1.2. Employee co-operatives

1.2.1. Worker co-ops Suma Dulas Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op

1.2.2. Trust Owned Scott Bader John Lewis Partnership

1.3. Co-operative consortia

1.3.1. Secondary co-operatives

1.3.2. Agriculture First Milk Openfield Group ANM Group

1.3.3. Large Consortia (Shared Service) National Merchant Buying Society Bako Dial-a-cab

1.3.4. Small Consortia (shared services, self emp) UHC Design The Very People

1.4. Community co-operatives

2. International

2.1. ICA

2.1.1. CICOPA

2.1.2. World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU)

2.2. Europe

2.2.1. Co-operatives Europe

2.2.2. CECOP

3. Main Represenative Bodies

3.1. Co-operatives UK

3.2. Federal Bodies

3.2.1. ABCUL

3.2.2. Country Markets

3.2.3. Co-operative Housing Scotland

3.2.4. English Farming and Food Partnership

3.2.5. Co-operatives Personal Management Association

3.2.6. National Farmers Retail and Markets

3.2.7. Confederation of Co-operative Housing (CCH)

3.2.8. Supporters Direct

3.2.9. The Building Societies Association

3.3. Individuals

3.3.1. Co-operatives Party

3.3.2. Womens Guild

3.3.3. National Federation of prgressive co-operators

3.3.4. New node

4. Co-op Dev / Finance

4.1. CDB's

4.1.1. Co-operatives Futures

4.1.2. Co-operative Business Consultants

4.1.3. Co-operatives and Mutual Services

4.1.4. Co-operative Assistance Network

4.2. Plunkett

4.3. Enterprise Hub

4.4. Co-operative and Community Finance

4.5. Co-operatives College