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1. Dorothy

1.1. Internal Conflict

1.1.1. a.The first is to find a way to be happy with her life.

1.1.2. b. Dorothy missing her aunt Em and uncle Henry because she got carried away in the tornado.

1.2. External Conflict

1.3. Situational Irony about the Character

1.3.1. a.

1.3.2. b.

2. The Tin Woodman

2.1. Internal Conflict

2.1.1. b.

2.2. External Conflict

3. The Wizard of Oz

3.1. Internal Conflict

3.1.1. a.

3.1.2. b.

3.2. External Conflict

3.2.1. a.

3.2.2. b.

3.3. Situational Irony about the Character

3.3.1. a.

3.3.2. b.

4. The Scarecrow

4.1. Internal Conflict

4.1.1. a.

4.1.2. He thinks he is missing brain and therefore suffers. B. He can’t do his job as a Scarecrow because of this he feels sorry.

4.2. External Conflict

4.2.1. a. He struggles with the crows of the witch of the West to get a brain from Oz.

5. The Cowardly Lion

5.1. Internal Conflict

5.1.1. The lion wants to get brave from The Wizard Of Oz

5.1.2. b.

5.2. External Conflict

5.2.1. a.He needed to cross a ditch but the Kalidas came.

6. The Wicked Witch of the West

6.1. Internal Conflict

6.1.1. a.

6.1.2. b.

6.2. External Conflict

6.2.1. a.

6.2.2. b.

6.3. Situational Irony about the Character

6.3.1. a.

6.3.2. b.

7. b. Between The Scarecrow and the Monkeys.The Monkeys caught him and pulled all of the straw out of his clothes and head with their long fingers.

8. a.Between the Monkeys and Tin WOODMAN because they seized him and carried him through the air and dropped him,he fell down

8.1. b.

9. Situational Irony about the Character

9.1. a.

9.2. The lion known as a courageous animal but he afraids of everything. When they came across with the Khalidas, he scared them. .

10. a.He doesn't want to kill bugs but he has to kill people.

11. Situational Irony about the Character

11.1. a.

11.2. b.

12. b.The scent of the Poppy flowers makes Dorothy, Toto and Cowardly Lion fall asleep in "The Deadly Poppy Field" chapter