Stephen Gordon's Carbon Tax Ideas for Liberals

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Stephen Gordon's Carbon Tax Ideas for Liberals by Mind Map: Stephen Gordon's Carbon Tax Ideas for Liberals

1. Eliminating GST on services (call it the Gross Stuff Tax maybe?) is going to appeal even to the sociopathic criminal element (law firms in Calgary, stock promoters in BC, sprawl developers in Ontario, etc.) that does nothing all day except lie and cheat and steal. Since these are part of Conservative base support at present, giving them an incentive to support the Green Shift would be very strategic for centrist parties.

2. Start a revolt in the West, there's nothing to lose; Overt harsh uncompromising treatment of Alberta and Saskatchewan's planet-defying governments, ignoring whatever impact the shift has on their waste-and-filth-driven false economy, will send a strong signal to all other provinces not to openly defy Ottawa nor international laws Ottawa signs (Kyoto), and not to dare to elect NO representatives from the government in power. The ideal situation post election would be ZERO representatives from either province weakening a Liberal government's capacity to save BC, Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. A repeat of the "National Energy Program" and more "Western alienation" is fine. Any silly separatist whining and one would only need to point out that they're land-locked, and that joining the USA would hand all control over natural resources to Washington DC and subject them to stricter and more enforced environmental regulations - plus actions in US courts by the same people that lobby against them now when Alberta goes to lie to Congress. Revisit this policy only after a referendum on separation gets up above 50 per cent - and make sure the army is in position to enforce the Clarity Act. Needless to say Dion's the ideal guy for this policy. He only needs to learn three words: "Just watch me." Criminal administrations that defy federal laws deserve no mercy at all.

3. Municipal government is the best ally the Liberals could hope for. They already have all the big cities, but making it easy for smaller ones to fund transit and rail would make them very popular in ridings that are now voting Conservative and NDP.

4. If oil companies interfere in politics even in the slightest, consider also nationalizing all oil companies' assets as was done in some South Americna countries recently. The NDP will get behind that. Where else are they going to go? What part of "sovereignty" didn't they understand? Even many people in Alberta would support this move given the grumbling about how little of the fossil fuel pie they get.

5. Eliminate all subsidies to any extractive or agricultural activity whatsoever - if they aren't competitive with commodity prices now they never will be - permit only risk hedging and joint marketing/pooling and force provinces into line by cutting off payments they waste on subsidies. Implement better differentiated marking on agricultural products (such as "grown in Canada", "processed in Canada", "certified organic", "no GMOs", "product of the Maritimes", etc.) with strict enforcement audits run by the cooperatives of farmers themselves, not by lobbyist lawyers. (Even Harper has figured out to start this move).

6. Deal with monetary stupidity; Alter the Consumer Price Index on a fixed schedule over 15 years to eliminate over weighting of wasted energy, processed foods or wasteful eating options including most or all meat products, and other unhealthy and unsustainable consumer behaviour that the public should not subsidize. Why should a sharp rise in energy or meat prices result in a cutting-back of credit to businesses that are selling people telework software or vegan cooking courses? Why should inflation be measured in such aggregates at all? Monetary policy requires very major overhaul to reflect massive changes in the way we value biodiversity, carbon and nature's services globally. Canada should be taking the lead on this.

7. If John Baird, Jack Layton, Peggy Nash and Ed Stelmach are the best the loony right and left can bring to the table to argue against carbon taxes, encourage them. They're so stupid they'll contradict themselves and alienate their base almost daily - so keep them talking. Baird says the carbon tax is lousy because Bay Street and some of Big Oil both want it. ?!?!?! What kind of position is this for a Conservative to take? Perfect fodder for a Bay Street talk. Nash is arguing for the market-centric solution and to set up a vast bureaucracy of price controls to "ensure costs aren't passed on" to consumers, ensuring no behavioural change. Since when do NDP supporters prefer strictly market based solutions? And none of them have a clue about monetary issues and inflation measures or the deeper changes in trade and money regimes. It should be dead easy to alienate the left and right bases.

8. Europe is already making loud noises about slapping excise taxes on any non-carbon-neutral products. Make sure they make the noise louder and at election time so that Canadians understand that if they do not implement a green shift domestically with the tax system they will have it done for them by outsiders via the global trade system. Then even more sharply and harshly by shifts in global credit regulation to cut off investment in destructive activities that compromise ecological services and ultimately by a shift in the basis of value recognized by the monetary system. Hedges such as buying up Ecuador's rainforest rights and then bargaining for IMF Special Drawing Rights to recognize the biodiversity and ecological services and carbon never moved out of the ground, ensure Canada at least has early warning of these changes.

9. Undermine Harper's base by emphasizing that excess carbon emission is a sin, according to the Orthodox and Catholic churches and an increasing number of others. Moral leadership belongs to the greens it seems.