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Culture Hack Day IE by Mind Map: Culture Hack Day IE
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Culture Hack Day IE

Audience Generated Data

Foursquare/Yelp/Facebook-place Check-ins


Realtime audience related data for performances:

Datasets /Data Sources

CKAN Ireland

Cultural datasets

Culture Funding


Data Visualisation

Resources & articles

Tools and platforms


this mindmap started from a blog post

it's a work in progress, please contribute! help us flesh it out and add/edit/prune as you see fit

you can edit in your browser, just sign up for a free Mindmeister account over on the right --->

the intention is to capture as much of our ideas initially and give some structure to the content of our discussions, hopefully a clearer direction will emerge

Related organisations

Free Culture Ireland

Note from Kevin: I know a number of artists on the list here are interested in promoting Free Culture. #CultureHackIE touches on so many issues at the heart of the Free Culture movement. As Free Culture in Ireland is still very much in its infancy I would like to suggest running #CulturehackIE as a Free Culture Ireland event. For those wondering what I'm on about and to put you at ease Free Culture Ireland has no fromal organisation it is really just a loose network of artists which includes Alan, Scott myself and a few others. We have a twitter account and a mailing list for FC related news and discussion!forum/free-culture-ireland I would really like for this to be the very first Saor Cultur Eire event but I also recognise that the idea for CulturehackIE has evolved here quite naturally so if people prefer to stick with it as it is I will respect that too.

Art/Open data people

Rob Myers

Cultural Orgs Involved

To be updated as orgs register interest

Monster Truck Gallery and Studios

Supporting talks/demos