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LinkedIn by Mind Map: LinkedIn

1. Company culture

1.1. It's who we are and what we aspire to be

1.1.1. From the nontechnical perspective, LinkedIn is a company which really cares about your professional career development. If I were left LinkedIn, you are at a much better place at your career than when you joined. They really care about your career development and do not see you as a tool or something like that.

1.2. vision

1.2.1. Create economic opportunity for every professional What find work realize your dream job be great at what you do Why 23 % Youth unemployment in the EU. 50% in Spain and Grace 4M available jobs in the U.S. from U.S. Department of Labor 250M Rural Chinese to transition to cities by 2025, reshaping economic landscape forever Uniquely positioned to solve the problem

1.2.2. Economic graph def A digital mapping of the global economy The economic graph is the core of what LinkedIn is. Detailed reports from economic graph Economic graph challenge In October 2014, LinkedIn put out an open call for proposals asking for researchers, academics, and data-driven thinkers how they would use data from the LinkedIn Economic Graph to solve some of the challenging economic problems of our time 2015 Graph challenge winners Current economic graph research NYU LinkedIn's data is unique LinkedIn stores relationships between people, but also stores relationship between any economic activity We have the immense amount of data, but we can only ask specific questions Ask the questions you wanted Data projects Jobs Feed Distributed data systems Experimentation NLP Data network and analytics

1.3. mission

1.3.1. Connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful

1.4. Transformation

1.4.1. of self leave linkedIn a better professional than when you started career speaker series making professionals more productive and successful exposing our employees and members to inspiring ideas and innovative thinkers from the globe Wellness Thoughts, breathing, hydration, nutrition, movement and rest

1.4.2. of company Enable linked to realize its full potential women in tech Diversity: employee resource groups inclusion is a core foundation of linked in's culture and our mission. This can only be achieved through a workforce that reflects the rich diversity of our global member base company all hands bi-weekly sets the tone for open, honest and constructive communication

1.4.3. of world Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce economic graph linkedIn for good InDay Our values The operating principles we use to run the company on a daily basis. Our members come first Relationships matter Be open, honest and constructive Demand excellence Take intelligent risks Act like an owner Integrity Humor Results Collaboration

1.5. value to members

1.5.1. identity the professional profile of record collaborate with major MOOCs Udacity Pearson Udemy Pluralsight

1.5.2. networks Connect all of the world's professionals Localize in China University profiles Notable alumni

1.5.3. knowledge the definitive professional publishing platform Influencers program 500 professional leaders publish

1.5.4. connect professional with opportunities at massive scale

1.6. value to customers

1.6.1. Hire Power half of all hires help teams recruits passive candidates at massive scale

1.6.2. Marketing The most effective way for marketers to engage professionals Integrate content on a pay-based basis 70% sponsored updates revenue from mobile

1.6.3. Sales find Selling an ERP solution connect engage

2. 450 million members

3. talented solutions $558/$861 million

4. Data Networks & Analytics

4.1. tools

4.1.1. Dali

4.1.2. Gobblin ingest data at massive scale from a variety of sources to HDFS new features - data lifecycle management tool data management dataset operators dataset definitions

4.1.3. Pinot a real-time analytics engine products flagship analytics products for new members company follow analytics internal analytics jobs analytics history replace original systems like oracle and voldemort challenges low latency and high QPS OLAP queries with real-time ingestion Support complex dimensions Operational simplicity

4.1.4. UMP

4.1.5. XLNT

4.1.6. Wherehows

4.2. big data products

4.2.1. People you may know

4.2.2. Skill endorsements

4.2.3. Jobs you may be interested in

4.2.4. News feed updates

4.2.5. Untitled

4.3. stream processing hard problems

4.3.1. killing lambda problems duplicated dev effort in building near line and offline paths of processing pipeline overhead of reprocessing overhead of merging the results of the online and offline processing before saving goals making stream processing generate accurate results Reprocessing Ease of programmability and experimentation

4.3.2. data access

5. Life

5.1. onboarding

5.2. Year up program

5.3. LinkedIn day

5.3.1. Secret of happiness

5.3.2. Speaker series bring economic graph to life

5.4. Hack days

5.5. Guest speakers

5.6. Data driven university

5.7. Bring in your parents day

5.7.1. Foster a culture that sets LinkedIn apart as a company and makes people proud to be a part of.

5.7.2. looking for a work-life blend

5.7.3. benefits the positive impact the event had on both the employee and the parent how parents became more emotionally invested in their children's employer Participating in the event had reputational value for the business since parents were more likely to recommend products or services

5.8. women in tech program

5.9. Bi-Weekly company meeting

5.9.1. "Pay no attention to the stock" this happens in public markets; we are the same company we were yesterday, with the same vision and the same team; we are well positioned against macro trends

5.10. Working environment

6. Acquisitions

6.1. Untitled

6.2. PointDrive

6.2.1. improves the way sales professionals engage with prospects and customers through the sharing of rich content

6.2.2. Allows sales professionals to package, personalize, and deliver polished and engaging sales content to their prospects and customers

6.2.3. Social selling

6.3. Run hop

6.3.1. Content strategy

6.4. Connectifier

6.4.1. linked talented solutions

7. Yearly review

7.1. 2015

7.1.1. scale infrastructure 400 million LinkedIn members handle 1.3 trillion messages per day

7.2. 2014 Company presentation

7.2.1. the definitive professional publishing platform SlideShare Groups Pulse Influencers

7.2.2. For customers Hire power half of all hires Talent solutions Market The most effective way for marketers to engage professionals Sell The start of every sales opportunity find connect engage

8. glassdoor cons

8.1. freedom to employees to change teams if it is not a good fit

8.2. Old technology and technical debt

8.3. slow down in growth

8.4. SFO vs South Bay

8.5. Extremely political

8.6. increase bureaucracy

8.7. Maintenance mode development

8.8. Everyone works long hours

8.9. grow a bit faster at a startup

9. future projects

9.1. Integration with Microsoft

9.1.1. integration scenarios LinkedIn identity and network in Microsoft Outlook and the Office suite LinkedIn notifications within the Windows action center Enable members drafting resumes in Word to update their profiles, and discover and apply to jobs on LinkedIn Extending the reach of sponsored Content across Microsoft properties Enterprise LinkedIn lookup powered by Active Directory and Office 365 LinkedIn learning available across the Office 365 and Windows ecosystem Developing a business news desk across our content ecosystem and Redefining social selling through the combination of Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365

9.1.2. Opportunity ahead realize a common mission by bringing together the world's leading professional cloud and network Untitled A professional's profile everywhere A new daily habit: intelligent newsfeed A digital assistant that's predictive Selling to social selling Organizational insights & transformation Just in time social learning Others Drive increased engagement across LinkedIn as well as Office 365 and Dynamics Accelerate monetization through individual and organization subscriptions and targeted advertising

9.1.3. Help people develop new skills online, find new jobs and easily connect and collaborate with colleagues

10. Possible improvements

10.1. by Dong Fei

10.1.1. 知道这份工作在业界的影响力,是不是容易被淘汰?如果是在downtrend,如何改变?☰ꏁĀѠ蔩

10.1.2. 知道职业走向,可以给我一些合理建议,比如给现在情况打个分,告诉我下一个台阶,能否进修取得认证徽章

10.1.3. 通过询问我的职业生涯目标,帮助和管理到达目标。就跟健身教练一样,评估之后采取一些针对性训练。

10.1.4. 知道我工资市场价的范围,到底是弱爆了还是战胜了市场,每个公司招聘时候都是说提供了最comptitive的薪水,是不是真的?

10.1.5. 知道有谁可能想换工作。现在感觉还是挺被动的方式,比如我总是收到一大堆HR的邮件,但不够优质,一般我也不理睬。

10.1.6. 知道我朋友公司哪些正在招人的。结合上一点做一些匹配和内推

10.1.7. 知道有谁跟我有类似兴趣点,推荐联结。这已经做的不错了,People you may know

10.1.8. 知道一些相关性高的行业会议和我感兴趣的活动。(我看赤兔也组织一些线下活动)

10.1.9. 知道技能空缺,是否需求火爆,给我推荐学习课程(刚好收购了Lynda),比如要不要学个design thinking,machine learning。

10.1.10. 知道我的职业经历,可以建立一些老乡会,离职同事群,校友会。学习微信群的方式,轻量级管理。

10.2. Company profiles

10.2.1. Glassdoor unreliable reputation company reviews easy to write a fake review

10.3. LinkedIn messaging

10.3.1. make conversations more productive

10.3.2. feature1: Scanning your calendar for availability When you message someone you want to meet, a prompt will display open time slots provide more context information about people you're meeting, like where you've met before

10.3.3. feature2: provide a dossier on people you're meeting helping you prepare for your encounter by showing all the pertinent information about their professional careers. Use Siri to send voice-based messages to contacts

10.4. Jobs where you're a top applicant

10.4.1. Untitled

11. New features and possible improvements

11.1. LinkedIn learning

11.1.1. Personalized recommendation Bootstrapping recommendations for new users Use skills as features to represent both members and courses Courses can be mapped to a set of skill vectors Members can also be represented in this skill-space by using various sources of information some skills are more popular than others, using IDF Post-processing step used to diversify recommendation courses in order to avoid having several very similar courses dominate the top of the list Provide explanations for why the recommendation is meaningful to the member has just begun in september

11.2. Knowledge Graph

11.3. Analytics for sharing on LinkedIn

11.3.1. who's viewed your post

11.4. Conversion tracking

11.4.1. What happens after a LinkedIn member sees an ad from LinkedIn marketing opportunity

11.5. Endorsement architecture

11.5.1. part1

11.5.2. part2

11.6. New publishing platform

11.7. Meet the team: a new addition to the Job detailed page

11.8. Integrate lead accelerator into core campaign manager platform

11.9. economic graph

11.9.1. Salary feature Bring salary transparency to the world techcrunch compare with glassdoor look up salaries based on title and location a dedicated user base contributing to its library of data, something isn't available to Glassdoor, indeed and many other services eliminate duplication of titles and improve job title taxonomy Also show you additional compensation details annual bonuses restricted stock units stock options sign-on bonus

11.9.2. career development LinkedIn learning MOOC so popular, each online course should also have a LinkedIn profile Every certification low course completion rate learning experiences Paths online mentors vs Lynda professional career coach What should I learn evaluate my current jobs or career track Professional online assessment Interview coach

11.10. increase engagement

11.10.1. Conversation starters

11.10.2. spam is bad for recruitment Spam Is Bad For Recruitment LinkedIn is not, in fact, a business network — individuals on LinkedIn represent themselves, not their businesses. And as LinkedIn’s content is mostly user-generated, the incentive is for the users to produce material that promotes themselves. This creates a conflict. Most people aren’t looking to change jobs all the time. Instead, they want to communicate and build relationships. However, because LinkedIn’s revenue streams and design restrict typical business forms of communication and facilitate paid ones, most interactions on the platform are low-frequency and one-directional in nature, such as recruitment offers and sales pitches. As a result, LinkedIn is now, at best, a business card holder. At worst, it’s a delivery service for spam. Indeed, LinkedIn’s weak MAU (monthly active user) figures show this, as only one-quarter of its members use the site every month. This low level of engagement has made the product less and less useful for recruiting. Top performers in some industries, like tech, try to avoid LinkedIn as they get bombarded by recruiters. With both recruiters and top talent not finding what they need on LinkedIn, real business interaction is carried out on other platforms. Spotting the best talent is actually far easier with tools like Talentbin, Stack Overflow, and Github, which aggregate or facilitate positive interactions and allow skilled individuals to display their work — showing why they’re good at what they do. Solutions like these, whose models are predicated on quality interaction, are changing the game for recruiters and top talent.

11.11. recruitment business

11.11.1. Open candidates feature discreetly signal when you're looking for a job , is always looking for ways of getting people to share more of their details and keep them up to date. This applies here, too. Once you turn on the feature that will privately let recruiters know you are looking for work, the company will give you an opportunity to revisit and update your own profile. Open Candidates is possibly one of the most practical and helpful applications of some of LinkedIn’s technology I’ve seen countless people note on their LinkedIn profiles that they do not, under any circumstances, want to get contacted by recruiters on there. The fact that people have had to put this on their profile pages is a sign of how annoying LinkedIn can be for some. If the Open Candidates feature gets used as it should, some of that spammy element could start to subside. if you turn on Open Candidates, the “looking for new work” signal will only be beamed out to recruiters who are not in any way connected to the place where you currently work. That means that even if you are looking, you won’t jeapordize your current job in the process. You can then share your profile with that recruiter privately, too.

11.11.2. Next generation career pages Company culture Company value Linkedin company life tab add significantly morconversational testimonials and other social features to company’s recruitment sites, making them more about trying to convey a company’s culture rather than simply the jobs that are on offer at the moment.

12. potential issues

12.1. venturebeat: business model conflict

12.1.1. massive internet-scale social network open platforms third-party developers

12.1.2. enterprise software company software sold to businesses that expect measurable ROI

12.1.3. LinkedIn is sharing less with developers

12.2. techcrunch: blocked in russia

12.2.1. localization issues

12.3. Facebook job opening features

12.3.1. many small companies post job openings

12.3.2. Untitled

12.4. Indeed/monster

12.5. events

12.5.1.'s password leaks 55000 users' passwords were in the breached database

12.6. for sales organization

12.6.1. if LinkedIn is to be a useful platform for sales organizations, it needs to focus more on the organisation, not just the individual. It must also utilise the vast amount of data that is not user generated and combine it with existing content to create a more complete picture of companies and their characteristics, vastly improving its ability to help sales and marketing teams.

12.7. protection about its API

12.7.1. the company should also end its protectionist policy with regard to its API. By not sharing its data with others, LinkedIn safeguards some of its revenues, but also restricts integration with business workflows – relegating the network to continue to be one focused on individuals rather than businesses.

13. open source projects

13.1. Apache Kafka

13.2. Apache Samza


13.4. Voldemort

14. Scaling

14.1. technical scaling

14.2. Engineering scaling