High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

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High Ticket Affiliate Marketing by Mind Map: High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

1. Video Subjects

1.1. Tools

1.1.1. Autoresponder Follower-Up Daily Broadcast How to relate regular stuff to IM? Aweber, GetRespone, Clickfunnels Automation (AwProTools, Clickfunnels) Reactivating a list (Question)

1.1.2. Website Tools Wordpress Installation Plugins use WP optimize for Keywords Optimize Press Installation Why you need it Advantage: cheap Clickfunnels Installation: not needed Affiliate program Why it is a must have

1.1.3. Tracking Clickmagick Usage Split-Testing Google Analytics Why tracking?

1.2. Traffic

1.2.1. Why there is no free traffic

1.2.2. paid traffic - benefits

1.2.3. Solo Ads (FCC)

1.2.4. YouTube Traffic What kind of videos for ads The first 10 seconds The end of the video EndCards (Outro) Keyword research Keyword planner answerthepublic.com

1.2.5. Facebook Traffic Generating Fans Images for ads Ideas for Ad-copy

1.2.6. Conversion Double Conversion, save half of the traffic cost

1.3. Mindset

1.3.1. Why YOU are responsible

1.3.2. Don´t blame others

1.3.3. Space (you can decide)

1.3.4. Raising the funds to invest in your Business

1.4. Branding

1.4.1. Do I need branding?

1.4.2. Two ways: branding and "under the radar"

1.5. Affiliate Marketing

1.5.1. Clickbank Why you should not use it Guru strategy (Backend)

1.5.2. Difference "normal" and "H-TAM"

1.5.3. Time/Location Freedom

1.6. MOBE

1.6.1. Why Mobe? Why H-TAM?

1.6.2. Get paid multiple times from ONE customer

1.6.3. Coaching/Mentor

1.6.4. Bonus Package

1.6.5. Customer linked to you

1.6.6. Show (new) backoffice

1.6.7. Build your own list using MOBE

1.6.8. Don´t build an own list - Let MOBE do the work

1.6.9. Masterminds

1.6.10. MobeMotors

1.7. List Building

1.7.1. Why you need a list

1.7.2. Why a small list can be enough

1.7.3. How you should treat your list

1.7.4. Bait

1.7.5. Leveraging the affiliate offer to build a list

1.7.6. The perfect landing page

1.8. Roadblocks

1.8.1. Why 97% of people fail

1.8.2. I'm not a tech guy!

1.8.3. I don't have the money

1.9. Customer Avatar

1.9.1. Meet Rick (My Avatar)

1.9.2. Why you should create your content for your Avatar

1.10. Online Marketing

1.11. Internet Marketing

2. Keyword Analysis

2.1. Keyword Suggestion

2.2. Create a Keyword List

2.3. Google Keyword Tool

3. Audience Analysis

3.1. Monitoring Website

3.2. Monitoring Web

3.3. YouTube YouTube

3.4. Zielgruppen Erstellung

3.5. Persona

4. Formats

4.1. GreenScreen (LiveVideos)

4.2. Whiteboard Videos

4.3. ScreenCapture

4.4. Interviews with IM-Leaders