Math - Algebra II

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Math - Algebra II by Mind Map: Math - Algebra II

1. Mrs. Manning

1.1. Trigonometry

1.1.1. Cosine Cosine Law a²=b²+c²-2bccosine A b²=a²+c²-2accosine B c²=a²+b²-2abcosine C Inverse Cosine cos^-1 cos = adjacent / Hypotenuse

1.1.2. Sine Sine Law (Sin A/a) = (Sin B/b) = (Sin C/c) Inverse Sine sin^-1 sin = opposite / hypotenuse

1.1.3. Tangent Inverse Tangent tan^-1 Adjacent / Hypotenuse

1.2. Polynomials

1.2.1. x²+4x+2

1.3. Complex Equations

1.4. Factoring

1.5. Graphing

1.5.1. How to plot, read and understand information on a graph

1.6. Deveriving

1.6.1. how to get from one equation to more complex equation to solve a more complex equation

1.7. Quadratic Formula