English + Speech & writing

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English + Speech & writing by Mind Map: English + Speech & writing

1. Ms.Ahmed - English

1.1. Of Mice and Men

1.1.1. Read and watch movie and write essays John Steinbeck Themes

1.2. The Secret

1.2.1. Watch and discuss movie and made a vision board

1.3. Midsummer's Night dream

1.3.1. Watched play, studied play and read the book. Shakespear Themes

1.4. House on Mango Street

1.4.1. we had tests and essay's on it Sandra Ciseneros Themes

2. Speech & Writting -Ms.Ahmed

2.1. Learn to write and do Speech's

2.1.1. Untitled

2.2. all different types of speach

2.3. On the spot speechs

2.4. Watched alot of movies and wrote speechs on them