Liz Underhill

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Liz Underhill by Mind Map: Liz Underhill

1. Strengths

1.1. Observant

1.2. Curious

1.3. Good Listener

1.4. Intuitive

2. Weaknesses

2.1. Focus

2.2. Discipline

2.3. Shiny Objects

3. Values/Beliefs

3.1. Honesty

3.2. Committment

3.3. Whatever I believe is who I am

3.4. When I Can Love Myself, I Can Love Others

4. Things I Like to Do

4.1. Perform Live Music

4.2. Write Humour

4.3. Entertain on Stage

4.4. Stage Hypnosis and Hypnosis in general

5. Who I love Working With

5.1. Women Who Are Open

5.2. Women Who Are Unique

5.3. Women Want to Express Their Heart Song

5.4. Women Who Are Vulnerable But Still Share Their Truth

6. Why I Care

6.1. Because I Was There

6.2. Because I Know The Pain of Not Living My Truth

6.3. Because I know The Joy of Listening to the call of your Soul and Taking Action

6.4. Because I Have The Tools To Help

7. Who I Serve

7.1. Women Who Are Ready to Fly

7.2. Women Who Are Discovering Themselves

7.3. Women Who Are Ready to Stand in their Own Truth

8. Unique Spin

8.1. Intuition

8.2. Hypnosis For Clarity

8.3. Law of Attraction

8.4. I Teach With Humour

9. How Can I Help

9.1. Listen

9.2. Help release limiting beliefs

9.3. Help you discover and release your heart song