International Space Station

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International Space Station by Mind Map: International Space Station

1. What do they research?

1.1. The Earth from the orbit the ISS takes round the world

1.2. They are also looking at pollution, urban growth, coral reefs, hurricanes, glaciers, and much, much, more

2. How does this help us move into the future?

2.1. We can monitor issues of major importance, like urban growth,or how our planet's ozone layer is recovering.

2.1.1. This allows us to engineer a solution to the problem, which will help us survive until 2100

3. Why is it different than other space satellites?

3.1. It orbits Earth on a different angle than most satellites

3.1.1. Its' angle allows astronauts on the ISS to see things you can't see from other satellites

3.2. It Is more versatile than other space satellites

3.2.1. For example, instead of building a new satellite for a new monitoring instrument, they can just attach it to the ISS