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TV Idents by Mind Map: TV Idents

1. Idents

1.1. Sky 1

1.1.1. Sky 1 Sky 1 All of Sky's idents have the blue one which is made out of glass like martial.

1.2. Channel 4

1.2.1. Channel 4 Channel 4 All of Channel 4s ident have the famous 4 symbol and in these idents it is building in random places that then go into a 4.

1.3. E4

1.3.1. E4 E4 All of E4's idents are more of a kind of random look tot it where anything comes out and does a random thing

1.4. BBC 1

1.4.1. BBC 1 BBC 1 All of the BBC 1's idents have a few people doing various activities then it moves to a birds eye view with the One logo

2. Identity

2.1. The word indent s short for identity and they use tv idents to show the views the channels identity.the reason for this is because there is so many channels they want to stand ut from the rest.

2.2. The idents show a lot about the channels audience such as E4's indent is more young and fun while BBC 4 is more for a older generation.

2.3. Branding

3. marketing

3.1. Sometime TV channels make specific idents to fit their shows and to tell the audience that that show is on next.

3.1.1. LOST Sky 1 ident